10 tips for when you plan to use international shipping

Moving comes with a lot of problems one of which is preparing your things to be shipped and transported to your home. To prepare your things for shipping, we provide you with these 10 tips for when you plan to use international shipping to make it easier for you.

Packing supplies

Whether you are packing by yourself or having your goods professionally packed, you should carefully consider what packing supplies you will need. Fragile belongings require double corrugated boxes along with padded paper and lots of bubble wrap, which serve to absorb any unnecessary shocks. All of your durable and easily packed goods such as books, toys, clothes, shoes, etc., can be packed in a variety of boxes. Kitchen items should be packed securely; every cup and dish should be packed and placed separately in dish pack boxes that are filled with packing peanuts to provide additional protection. Do not shrink wrap any wood items directly as this will only damage the wood furniture. Consider using padded paper and bubble wrap then shrink wrap the furniture. None of your things should be left exposed, packed loosely or bare. Do not use moving blankets to box your goods, as carriers and terminals won’t accept your things.


The amount of space that your goods occupy will determine the final price. You should keep the boxes of any shape or size within a predesignated area that is meant to represent the moving truck. We can collect your spare boxes and provide you with our palletizing services. Palletizing is needed when a lot of boxes are being moved. Using pallets helps by improving mobility and protects against loss of boxes. Many relocations are performed via less than container loads. All less than container loads, shipments use 40-inch containers. Once your possessions arrive at the export terminal, they will be professionally measured by an independent third party who will produce a documented volume receipt.


Pick up services from your home to the port are based on weight and volume. Each cubic meter should not exceed eight hundred kilos or approximately 1700 pounds. All boxes being packed should not exceed fifty pounds. Boxes exceeding the weight limit can be charged an extra fee for heavy lifting unless the goods are all palletized. If you have decided to use door to door international shipping, you have to consider a forklift at pickup with the carrier unless you are shipping from a location that has a forklift to load your goods onto the truck.


Every box must be labeled with shipper information, consignee information, terminal booking, etc. Though it rarely happens, boxes can sometimes get misplaced. With the proper labeling, your boxes will most likely be found and shipped to their correct destination.

Awkward item to pack

When packing large or long objects, you can simply use makeshift boxes. Make sure that the items do not exceed ten inches in length, and if they do, please contact your moving company for special rates or a waiver of any additional fees. We can help you ship a lot of large and awkward objects that need to be wooden crated such as printing machines, filters, engines, etc. If you have need of it, know that we can provide you with crating services. Get in touch with us today and let our experts help move your things.

Using Pallets

When moving internationally, things that do not arrive palletized will need to be transported on pallets. Our terminals will pack your goods on a pallet, shrink wrap them, and band them together. This is done to secure your goods. Pallet dimensions vary, with the size is forty-two by forty-eight inches.  Boxes and goods are generally stacked up eighty-five inches high. Most pallets are made from wood and are heat treated. If you want to supply your own pallets, make sure that they are heat treated or you can use plastic pallets.

Some destination requirements

Some countries have strict rules when it comes to imports, an example being New Zealand. If you are going to send your used bike, then make sure that your tires don’t have any soil on them or your bike might be quarantined. Shipping to Mexico? Make sure that everything you plan on taking with you is presented at your local or nearby consulate and is approved with a sealed inventory. You will need the serial number, make and model of every electronic, and obtain your fm2 or fm3 visas. Prior to shipping your things, you have to check the regulations of the country you are shipping to, to avoid any additional fees or confiscation of your things.

Packing services

Many shipping companies use the services of a third party such as moving companies or packaging stores to pack the things that they are shipping professionally.

Self Packing

Our moving services are geared to service businesses and individuals. Many individuals have already boxed and packed the things that are to be transported. If you are going to pack by yourself, please find out how to do the job properly before you begin.

10 tips for when you plan to use international shipping – M.I.M.