The best cities to move to in Europe if you have a family – My International Movers

You have decided to move from the United States to Europe, together with you family. It can be quite challenging to find a good place to live when you have a family with children. After all, there are many things that will be necessary, such as a good education and transportation system, along with other facilities that your children may need. Luckily, Europe is the home to some of the most technologically advanced cities! We have compiled this list of the best cities to move to if you have a family and we hope that it turns out to be helpful to you!

  • London, the United Kingdom: London has a really good economy, a highly advanced education system and a great transportation system. All of these things make it a great options for families with children. Besides that, it also has many parks and playgrounds, which make it a good options for families with small children too!
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands: There is more to Amsterdam that just red light districts and coffee shops. There are so many museums and parks which will be a great way to enrich your children’s knowledge and experience. The Netherlands is known for having one of the most advanced and efficient schooling systems too!
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: This stunning city represents every child’s dream city! From the sad mermaid in the harbour to the magical Round Tower, the options are truly endless. Copenhagen is also the home to many exciting and interesting amusement parks, which will make your children happy and excited to be living in this city!
  • Salzburg, Austria: If you are looking for a city to move to in Austria, you should skip Vienna and choose Salzburg instead. Vienna might be a bit too demanding and serious for a family with children. On the other hand, Salzburg is the perfect choice for you! There are so many interesting things to see and experience in Salzburg, including horse riding and numerous musical festivals!
  • Reykjavik, Iceland: Reykjavik is one of the safest and friendliest cities in Europe, which is very important when considering where to move with your children. Are you interested in seeing some of the most magnificent wonders of the world? In Reykjavik, you get to see thermal hot springs, which equipped with special sections for children, the Northern Lights, and lots of adventures with Icelandic horses, whale watching, and hiking.
  • Rome, Italy: Do you want to incorporate great food, interesting history and stunning architecture into your new home city? Rome represents the perfect place for you in that case. Just imagine life with fresh Italian pizza at every corner. Sounds like a perfect location for any family!
  • Munich, Germany: This Bavarian capital is famous for being one of the centers of handmade toys for children! What more is there to ask for? If you have very small children, moving to Munich sounds like a really good idea. Besides that, Germany is well known for having an excellent education system, which makes it a good option for families with children.