International Moving To Europe

If you plan on moving to Europe, you’re in luck, because you have around 50 countries to choose from. You can live in Finland, Greece, the Vatican, etc. The great thing about Europe is that there is a wide range of people, languages, cultures, etc.

There are over 800 million people all across Europe, and 23 official languages, and over 60 indigenous regional and minority languages.  Make sure to bring your language phrasebook!

You will be moving to place that’s very different from the USA and can expect to have some very special and unique experiences that will stay with you. You can now travel between European Union member states without a passport, making it easy to experience so many cultures all so close by. Each country with a unique language, culture and Food!

Moving to Europe from the USA is very simple.  Europe is one of our most common destinations for travelers.  Here, at My International Movers, we send many shipments to Europe each year.  Whether you’re moving for school, work, or reuniting family, our goal is to take the burden of moving off of your shoulders.

We pack all of your belongings for you, protect each and every one of your valued possessions, and we guarantee that our destination agents in the European Union will treat you with legendary customer service. We also offer insurance options to cover any accidents – although rare – on water or ground.

Our professional movers will take care of you and your belongings, whether you’re moving to Europe for a year, a few months, your retirement, or just moving back home.

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