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Moving can be quite a hassle to do on your own. That is where we from My International Movers swoop in, so you don’t have to go through it by yourself. We can be your support in the cross-Atlantic move to Manchester in the UK.

Moving to Manchester from Los AngelesMy International Movers have years of experience with ocean and air freight, and we can even offer you the option of door-to-door shipping. Don’t worry about tracking your shipment, because there is a service available to see what is going on with it 24/7. We will try to do anything to set your mind at ease, and make your transition go as smoothly as possible.

You can opt for additional services as well. For example, additional storage, that comes in handy quite often, whether it is long term or short term storing. The assistant packing is also a great way to be relieved from an already overburdened experience, plus packing gets done by the very experts in the craft. We have many more options to choose from, and we can also offer to take you through a comparison of the city of LA with your potential new home, the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Read on, and you will learn what to look forward to in a new city, and what you might be leaving behind in LA.

Manchester, UK


Moving from Los Angeles to Manchester is quite a change, especially in terms of the weather. Manchester experiences a temperate Oceanic climate, like much of the British Isles, with mild summers and cool winters. Summers in Manchester are comfortable and reach temperatures of around 77 degrees F, but the rest of the year is quite different than back in LA. Manchester’s summer only lasts as long, and is quickly replaced by rainy days. There are 140 rainy days on average in Manchester yearly, which is 4 times more than LA.

Manchester is one of the rainiest cities in the UK, but it has its own unique charms. It has the biggest student population of any city in Europe. side from a bustling city center, Manchester has been a patron of music, art, theatre and has a great nightlife scene. Manchester was named the most liveable city in the UK in 2013.

Stats and Population

Manchester’s geographic features were highly influential in its early development as the world’s first industrial city. These features are its climate, its proximity to a seaport at Liverpool, the availability of water power from its rivers, and its nearby coal reserves.

Manchester is the second most populous urban area in UK, but with its 2.5 million inhabitants, it is still nowhere near as crowded as LA. The city core, however is a bit more densely populated. The unemployment rate is rather low, around 5%, compared to LA’s 8.7%. If you wish to commute to work using public transportation, it might take you around 27 minutes, on average. The cost of the monthly public transportation ticket will set you back by 107$.


Manchester has a public health care and hasn’t been affected by a major natural disaster, such as tornado, an earthquake or flooding, for the last 100 years. It is notable for its architecture, culture, musical exports, media links, scientific and engineering output, social impact, sports clubs and transport connections, and due to all of these, Manchester is the third-most visited city in the UK. In addition to this, the famous soccer club, the Manchester United plays its home games at Old Trafford, in the neighboring Greater Manchester borough of Trafford, the largest club football ground in the United Kingdom.

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