International Moving To New Zealand

International Moving To New Zealand

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Here at My International Movers, we make international relocations to countries such as New Zealand simple. We specialize in all kinds of services including 24/7 shipping tracking and custom crates. Whether you need to send a couple things or your entire family’s belongings, we’re here to ease your stress.

Everyone on the International Movers staff is insured, bonded, and licensed. We have a longstanding reputation of reliability and ease for international moving. With years of experience and thirty days of free storage, we make sure everything you own is safe and sound. Every one of our storage units is fully fire proof, water proof, secured, and monitored. Choosing International Movers is choosing safety.

We use all kinds of methods to ship your belongings. International Movers even offers a door-to-door service. We will come to your home, pack up your items, ship them, and drop them off at your new locale. Have a vehicle you want overseas? Fear not, International Movers is ready for anything.

What to Expect in New Zealand

There are two large islands in New Zealand, appropriately called the North Island and the South Island. It is a progressive country offering its citizens free health care and quality education. There are very different climates between the North and South Islands. The North offers warm and mild weather. The Southern Island however is home to the Southern Alps with heavy rainfall and much lower temperatures. These Southern Alps are a stunning place to visit, bordering almost 300 miles of the island. The population of New Zealand is over 4 million people, with most of these people residing in cities. New Zealand uses the NZD, New Zealand Dollar. Cattle and sheep are very common in New Zealand as nearly half the land is fields and rolling hills. The capital of Wellington offers urban luxuries, but the true beauty of New Zealand is in its stunning landscapes, temperate weather, and ample wildlife. Visas are mandatory for travelers looking to move to New Zealand. We recommend applying early at your local consulate as the process can be lengthy!

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