Choosing custom crating service

Once you definitely take the plunge and decide that you are going to relocate there is no reason to wait. Start with the organization, find a moving company, schedule the moving date. By hiring professional movers you will spare yourself much work. International relocation requires a lot of time and effort, which can cause you stress and this period should be a pleasant one. Why shouldn’t you be relaxed and stress-free? My International Movers is an experienced and reliable moving company who is willing to help you. We can provide you with affordable moving services that will cover every step of your relocation process.

Your only job will be to choose the services you want. However, you may need help with your choice especially if this is your first international move. My International Movers have team members who are experts and who will be willing to share useful tips and advice with you. Feel free to consult them about every little thing that is bothering you because they are here to ease this procedure and make sure everything goes smoothly, without problems. We can pack your belongings and you won’t even have to look for moving supplies because we have them. Our moving team will wrap and secure every item of your household. And we have a perfect solution for the delicate objects – custom crating service.

Do you need this type of service?

The members of our moving team are experienced and professional. They have been helping people move to all parts of the world for years. Once they come to your address they will easily pack all your belongings, like they have done it hundreds of times so far. They know how to wrap and each item appropriately and they know that some items need special care. Some objects need custom crating service. Those things are for example expensive artwork, sculptures, valuable china sets or similar glassware, antique furniture and mirrors, pricey chandeliers, wine bottles, and maybe even some electronic equipment. If you have something that is very dear to you and you think it needs additional protection, please do tell our movers.

Custom crating process

Our moving team will, together with you, decide which items will be shipped in specially designed crates. Our experts will do an evaluation after they come to your house. You can even schedule an in-home estimate that is free. That way you will know the price in advance. Our representatives will take dimensions of your valuables. After that, they will start designing wooden crates. It will have two layers of protection – the soft and hard one. Besides that, the item will be immobilized inside it. The object has to be completely fixed in order to block every movement. The price of custom crating depends on many factors that is why the best way to find out is to call My International Movers. It will certainly pay off because even your most delicate items will be completely secured.

Do you need more information about moving? If so, visit this website or call My International Movers.