How to efficiently pack your clothing for your relocation

Have you decided to take on international relocation? What a great decision! International relocation is a great choice, because it offers so many amazing life opportunities. You get to experience a different culture, a more pleasant climate, meet new people and perhaps even get a new job! However, the journey to your new home is a rather long one. In fact, relocation represents a very time-consuming, difficult process. One of the most essential things when it comes to relocation is good planning and organization. Especially if you’re dealing with international relocation! One of the most time-consuming and boring things that you need to handle is the packing process. The packing process can take up to a week, leaving you without any free time for other things. But, did you know that there are many hacks that can help you get done with the packing process more quickly and with ease? One of the many things that you will need to pack for your relocation is your clothes. And this isn’t just like packing for a holiday – you have to pack absolutely everything you own! Would you like to learn some useful tips and tricks on how to pack all of your wardrobe more efficiently? If yes, continue reading our blog post!


Tip No.1: Get rid of the things you don’t wear or need anymore

Before you begin packing or doing anything else, you need to do a full scan of your entire wardrobe. Take everything out of your drawers and closets, and then take a good look at everything you own. Most likely you will be facing a huge pile of clothes, and of course, there will be things you forgot you even had! This is a great opportunity to get rid of the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Also, if you’re moving to a completely different climate, you may want to consider getting rid of all of the clothes you won’t be needing in that particular climate zone. For example, if you’re moving to a very warm place throughout the entire year, you might want to say goodbye to all of your warm, wintery clothes! Another great thing is that by cutting down the amount of clothes, you also cut down the price of the transportation and packing process altogether. If you don’t know what to do with the clothes you want to get rid of, here are some great options:

  •         Sell the clothes: This is a win-win situation. You can get rid of all the clothes you don’t want anymore and also make some money while doing so!
  •         Donate the clothes: If you wish to be a bit more humane, consider donating all of the clothes you don’t wear any longer. This is a great way to show that you’re compassionate and benevolent, while still helping those in need of new clothes! Consider giving your clothes away to Goodwill or the Salvation Army!
  •         Put all the clothes in a box next to the dumpster: If you’re unable to make a donation, and don’t want to make money off of these clothes, simply place all of the clothes into a box and leave them next to a dumpster. Hopefully, someone who desperately needs some clothes will find them and it will be very helpful for them!

Tip No.2: Sort out all of the remaining clothes

        Before you begin the actual packing process, you should spend some time sorting out all of the remaining clothing items you have. A good idea is to first see which clothes are for which season of the year. Separate the clothes intended for colder weather from the items you usually wear when it’s warm outside. Another great idea is to separate your clothes by color or pattern. By doing so, you will be able to find that red T-shirt you really want to put on right after you’re done moving! A good idea is to also separate your clothes according to types (jackets, pants, skirts, etc.) or for example, put all of your special occasion clothes in one pile (dresses, tuxedos, etc.)

Tip No.3: Decide how much and which packing supplies you’ll need

        Now that you have a clear idea about how many clothes you own, it is time to get the necessary packing supplies. Clothes need some extra attention – you wouldn’t want your clothes to get all wrinkly or dirty during the transportation process. Some of the essential items you will needs are wardrobe boxes, dresser drawers and suitcases, or if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, consider using garbage bags and vacuum bags too! Think about any safety material you may want to use in order to provide further protection for your clothes. It is important to make sure that you clothes are completely isolated and sealed off, so that no moisture or any insects can get inside and cause any damage.

Tip No.4: The actual packing process

This is the final step of the way, when the actual packing process begins. The first thing that you should do is to organize the packing process thoroughly. If you’re not moving alone, consider asking your family members for some help or have them organize their own things before you start packing everything up. Remember, you will be moving with all of the clothes you own, so it may take a bit longer than a simple pack up for when you’re going on holiday. Remember to separate you shoes and other accessories and pack them separately. For shoes, the best option is to simply seal them off in their dedicated boxes. When it comes to jewelry, make sure that you pack everything in a way that the jewelry won’t get all tangled and twisted. Once you have finished with packing everything into moving boxes or vacuum bags, consider labeling everything. This will be extremely helpful once you have arrived to your new home. You won’t have to spend hours going through a million boxes in order to find something that you want to wear!

Tip No.5: Hire a professional packing crew

Are you still having trouble with packing all of your clothes? Why not hire a professional moving company, such as My International Movers. Our moving crew consists of experienced packers, which can help you and make your packing process easy, fast and efficient! If you’re interested in our packing services, as well as any other moving services, do not hesitate to contact us!