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Secure your items.

Whether you are using our services to transport house appliances, furniture, jewellery, art pieces or even all of these and more,  My International Movers will grant you insurance for any items going through our system in the process of moving.

Reading through this section is vital in the moving process for many reasons. It’s a way of ensuring both sides, our professional help and your customer rights. Here we will tell you that we do everything by adhering to a protocol that many years of experience in moving shipments and the entire business made as it is today. Having said that, no protocol is 100% bulletproof and there can be things overseen and that is something we are doing our best to avoid.

There are things in the world we can’t predict and circumstances as such may escape our control. It’s vital that you don’t take insurance as a scheme of the moving companies, as there are numerous circumstances that are beyond us which can ultimately lead to some of your belongings getting damaged or maybe even stolen.

The kind of moving insurance you are offered when moving with one of the household moving companies isn’t there if you decide to do the moving yourself. It’s only reasonable to say that assisted moving puts your mind at ease, especially because of this kind of insurance coverage. Of course, there are different types of insurance policies, and you will be welcome to choose the one that suits you the most. Our insurance policies include:

  • Released Value – the most basic value that a company can provide. If you choose to only have this type of insurance, know that you will be paying for most of the cost of repairing or replacing your belongings in the unlikely case of damage.
  • Full Replacement Value, or Complete Value Protection is the most comprehensive and hence most expensive coverage you can get. Under this type of protection you will be assured that the moving company that transports your belongings is fully liable for your entire shipment and will consequently evaluate and if needed replace or repair the damages.
  • Assessed Value Protection concerns the loads that aren’t too heavy in weight but are very valuable. It’s based on the price of specific items as opposed to their weight in pounds.
  • Declared Value Protection Based on Weight – a type of coverage that is focused on how much your belongings weigh. The company calculates the full weight of the items and then multiplies that number by a particular amount per pound.

If you’re now wondering what happens in case of damage, the settlement would be based on the depreciated amount of the property that is damaged or destroyed. Feel free to contact My International Movers to ask for more information on our international moving insurance policies and request any additional tips.

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