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International Air Freight

Get your goods overseas quickly with our international air freight services!

Let us introduce you further to the most flexible and fastest way of shipping your belongings from anywhere in the world, to, you guessed it – anywhere else in the world. There are times when an urgent shipment is required. When facing that type of deadline, the rapidly approaching one, the best solution is transporting the cargo via an airplane.

In addition to that, Air Freight service also provides not only the quickest but the safest way of transportation. As we all know, traffic accidents on land are far more common than those in the sky. And although pricier than sea freight, you can bet that the process will be much more efficient and with regard to your schedule. This service will cater to all those who value time and safety most.

My International Movers can offer you many solutions to the way of transporting your belongings, but there will hardly be a solution that can top this one. Here is why:

Sensitive cargo

You won’t need anyone to tell you that this is the most delicate part of any moving process, My International Movers tackle this issue on daily basis. Our preferable way of dealing with it is via air transportation. What’s precious to you is just as precious to us.

Efficiency and Flexibility.

This part of our reasoning is already mentioned in the introductory part, but we can’t afford not putting it on our official list. If the job of transporting cargo can be done quickly and without many people involved, that proves its flexibility. Time- sensitive deliveries are no issue. We can just as well put you up on the next outgoing flight to your desired destination, and by ‘you’ we mean, of course, your belongings. Any international moving company staff will agree with us on this one.

Global Availability.

Those times when navigation of the shipments might take up a lot of time when moving within the US, air freight is there. Accessible from many points in the US, air freight service will not break the quality vs. cost ratio. Of course, you are more likely to use that service when relocating outbound, which is why we suggest taking a look at our list of countries we are able to help you migrate to.

We will do our best to accommodate to your wishes.