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Los Angeles International Moving

My International Movers is an international moving company offering shipping services from air and freight shipping to custom crates and free boxes. Traveling is an exciting time in one’s life, allowing you the opportunity to explore a new country and culture as well as grow as a person. The packing and planning aspect can cause a bit of anxiety but with the assistance of our professional international moving company, transitioning overseas has never been so simple. Rely on the trusted and reputable overseas moving team at My International Movers.

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International moving from Los Angeles, California with My International Movers

Do you want to move away from Los Angeles, California? If you have decided to leave Los Angeles and begin searching for a new place to live, it is very important that you begin planning your move on time, especially if your future destination is far away across the world. We assume you know that you will not be able to go through the complicated relocation process without the help of a professional moving company, but the good news is that My International Movers can help you and are always at your disposal.

You should know that our international moving company has been helping people relocate for a long time, and as such, it had managed to gain a lot of experience in the field. That is how we know how to find the best and most stress-free ways to help you relocate you and your family to another country, whether you decide to move to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, or somewhere else. We are here to provide you with our high-quality moving services and help you go through every step of your relocation process. Some of these moving services include the following:

  • Professional packing and unpacking services
  • Custom Crating services
  • Packing and moving supplies
  • Storage services
  • Overseas vehicle shipping services

My International Movers is one of the best international moving companies in the nation, so if you hire us as your Los Angeles movers, you can be sure you are working with experts.

As previously mentioned, in case you do not have the time to pack all of your belongings for your move, you can leave this complicated task to our expert movers. Our teams consist of highly trained professional movers, which means they will make sure all your belongings are correctly packed and protected ensuring a safe transportation. Also, we can offer you all the necessary packing supplies, including moving boxes of all shapes and sizes, packing tape, packing paper, etc.

Not only is the moving process complicated to deal with it all by yourself, but it can be pretty costly, as well. That is why we suggest that you begin planning your relocation budget long before the actual relocation process begins. To assist you with that, we offer to give you a free moving estimate. Contact us to ask for one, and you will see for yourself that My International Movers is one of the most affordable moving companies in the country, as well.

My International Movers have already helped plenty of families relocate to other parts of the world without any trouble, and now we are here to do the same for you. So, if you are sure that it is time for you to move from Los Angeles, California, do not forget that you have nothing to worry about when you have My International Movers at your disposal. If you have any questions or need some additional information before you schedule the moving day, feel free to get in touch with us, anytime you want. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with some useful moving and packing tips, as well. We are waiting to help make your relocation a stress-free and pleasant experience.

What are the Types of Shipping Methods?

We at My International Movers make all modes of transport available to you, air, land, and sea.

  1. Ocean Freight

    Ocean freight is our most common and low cost mode of transport.

  2. Air Freight

    Others seek an expedited delivery with air freight.

  3. Door-to-door and Door-to-port shipping

    We ship household goods and vehicles. Our International Shipping team will come to your home, professionally pack your belongings, transport overseas and deliver them to your new destination. Whatever the situation, we have a solution that is tailored to your needs.

International Moving Sea Freight

Will My International Movers Help Me Pack?

My International Movers employs seasoned professional overseas movers, who understand international household good moving and use the most secure and efficient way of packing all your belongings.

International Moving Packers
  1. Free Boxes

    Our offer of free boxes and the easily customized crates will deal with any hard-to-pack items.

  2. High Quality Products

    For all our overseas shipping, we only use the highest quality products on the market, that are extra durable and are designed to hold heavy, fragile items.

  3. We can pack your entire household

    Let My International Movers take care of packing the entire household for you, while you get to start planning your new life abroad. With years of industry experience packing various items from flimsy, small items to expensive and fragile antiques, we leave you comfortable that your belongings are safe. Everyone of our staff members has undergone an extensive background check and screening.

Can I afford an international move?

Making International shipping affordable starts with determining what you are going to ship.

  1. Free in-home estimates

    Our international moving company provides free in-home estimates, by experts who have years working as overseas movers.

  2. Discussing your needs

    We are here to sit down with you and discuss all your moving needs. From here, we can go over the various services we offer including air and ocean freight shipping, working within your budget.

  3. No hidden fees

    We offer our services at a competitive price with no hidden fees. Our ocean freight shipping is only charged by the volume and destination and air freight is dependent on weight, volume, and destination of your international household goods.

International Moving Free Quote, Clipboard

How Secure are our Storage Facilities?

We have several storage across America, that offer safe and secure storage facilities in various locations. Let My International Movers eliminate the confusion and help you have a no-hassle move. Our secured storage units are a great resource to incorporate into your move.

International Moving Boxes
  1. Free Storage

    With 30 days free storage and fire-proof facilities, you can rest easy.

  2. Moisture-proof & 24/7 Security

    Every storage facility is moisture proof and monitored 24/7 so you can know that your goods are in the right hands.

  3. Everything is labeled

    Everything is labeled and in order assuring that your precious belongings will never be misplaced. At My International Movers, our mission to satisfy the customers and we go above and beyond to make that happen.

So Why Choose Us?

Choose us because we are experienced and dedicated to customer service, our international shipping company will get you across the globe, professionally, courteously, and stress free. My International Movers is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us the right choice to work with.

  1. Cover a wide range of services
  2. Are competitively priced and absolutely customized to your move
  3. Been in business for years
  4. Provide the latest in moving equipment and technology
  5. Active in industry trends
  6. Operate with the customer in mind
International Moving Sea Freight

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Los Angeles International Movers

Los Angeles International Movers Review

5 Stars

After our international move we have the most favorable impression! My grandparents were highly please by how non-pushy, respectful, and careful these guys were. They asked for few directions, but overall were very experienced and self-guided. We wish you success and prosperity!

  • 5 star ratingFirst class service from the beginning to the end.The managers are very professional and they answered all my questions. I had to deliver some packages from Greece and it was a a huge container with all my stuff from my old house, including some fragile pieces like crystals and a porcelain vase. Insurance cover is provided if some items are damaged during transportation, but nothing happened and they provided a great service. I will definetly use this guys again if... read more

    Daniela A. Avatar
    Daniela A.

    5 star ratingThese guys were great! I used them twice for my move to the UK and then back to the Bay Area. Every time the service was spot on and easy. They came to my place on time and went straight to work. I didn't have to worry about watching over them to make sure everything was done right because they took great direction. They practically packed up my entire apartment and moved all my things safely and the kicker is... read more

    Elliot G. Avatar
    Elliot G.

    5 star ratingThis was the first time I was going to move to another country for long stay. As I was with my family, I was trying to do everything in the best way. I planned the trip way before and planned every detail. It is a real nightmare packing the whole stuff but we did it and we were ready to move. However, I was doubtful about the shipping company. I started to do a small query about the quality of... read more

    Richard M. Avatar
    Richard M.
  • 5 star ratingAfter 4 years at UCLA I created a whole new life for myself, but now it's time to go home. I found this company through my friend who had a great experience and now I can say for myself so did I. They got all my things back to Milano safe and on time. Great company! 5*

    Andre V. Avatar
    Andre V.

    5 star ratingYou guys deserve those 5 stars. My cousin is from Greece and when he finally was ready to move to the US, I asked my friend in Los Angeles to help me find a local shipper who could deliver his stuff from Athens. I thought it would be a real stress but My International Movers did everything so fast and neat that it was stress free for my cousin & me. We chose sea transportation because it was cheaper and... read more

    John S. Avatar
    John S.

    5 star ratingLast year my New Year resolution was to change my life and I didn't find better way to do it than moving to Australia Yeah, I know it's crazy but I did it and now I am the happiest man ever. It took about six months to decided where to move, find a new place  and finally pick the things. It was a real nightmare. As an international shipping company I chose my international movers cause they had many positive... read more

    Tristin E. Avatar
    Tristin E.
  • 5 star ratingTwo months ago I ordered a huge set of tools for my workshop. The company was located in Italy and unfortunately they had no delivery service. I had to find international shipping company to get my stuff to Los Angeles and pay for the shipping. Well, fortunately I could find an affordable international shipping company "My International Movers" that offered reliable from country to country shipping. The best thing was their good packing service. I liked it and I have... read more

    Espy G. Avatar
    Espy G.

    5 star ratingI want to share my impression about My international movers company. A few months ago I bought a vehicle that needed to be shipped from USA to Canada. I looked through several international shippers' profiles and lucky me I made a great choice. My international movers company met all my requirements. They offered gentle moving and special conditions for safe vehicle transportation. Besides, they offered affordable international auto shipping that was beneficial. Last but not the least advantage of the... read more

    Andrew D. Avatar
    Andrew D.

    5 star ratingPrices for gas are rising , around the globe .So  I had a cool idea to ship EV Cars overseas , I found a buyer and decided to try ship used Nissan leaf .I could make pretty good money on it . As long I'm fresh in international trade I knew that I need to get more information about shipping estimate delivery time , But I didn't expect that it's going to be that simple. I just made phone call... read more

    Boris P. Avatar
    Boris P.
  • 5 star ratingI was helping out my niece, to move from Israel to the U.S. I was trying to find the most reliable and affordable moving company,to ship all her belongings. I did some research  on yelp , and according to the positive feedback on their account I choose "My international movers" company. They gave me a flat rate for our international shipping and promised time within two weeks which also includes insurance . We did receive all our items within promised... read more

    Rachel Z. Avatar
    Rachel Z.

    5 star ratingFive star moving company from beginning to end.. This international moving company definitely showed great professionalism and friendliness.. Movers that showed up to pick up a very expensive Samsung fridge at our home in Los Angeles picked up with quickness and took care of our fridge very much.. I wanted to to send this as a present to family in Thailand and I was shocked in how quick and safe my package arrived over there. This international moving company is... read more

    Diane P. Avatar
    Diane P.

    5 star ratingI moved to the US from Ukraine a few months ago and I am really happy I used this company!! I looked online and other movers had terrible reviews or were charging ridicolous amounts. When I called international movers, everyone was very nice and professional and they explained step by step how the whole process worked. Everything was shipped and received on time, in perfect condition! The crew packaged all items really well so nothing got damaged. Overall, it was... read more

    Nelya S. Avatar
    Nelya S.
  • 5 star ratingI had to move from Chicago to LA, and I couldn't decide which moving company to use. I was looking for affordable long distance moving company and I found one thanks to one of my friends. My international movers helped me out a lot. I couldn't ask for more. The whole process was surprisingly fast. Guys who were carrying out furniture were were gentle and friendly. None of our items weren't damaged. They packed everything super fast and careful, 10... read more

    Magdim Aka Mike M. Avatar
    Magdim Aka Mike M.

    5 star ratingI had a great experience with this moving company! They helped me with all my questions and were very professional. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. The movers that helped me personally were very kind. I needed to ship a gift to my mom in Guatemala from California and they made my experience 100% stress free. They are the best movers I've ever used. I look forward to using them again!

    Lorissa C. Avatar
    Lorissa C.

    5 star ratingCongrats to me as I found a new college to attend in London. It's a very big move for me but I'm sure it'll be worth it. I needed help win the move so I called these guys. Gabe was very professional and very well conserved with providing me step by step every detail on the move along with the prices. He understood my financial hardship and was able to workout a deal and some discounts. I was happy about... read more

    Tony P. Avatar
    Tony P.
  • 5 star ratingThis is just the best company by far I've used. I've used a few moving companies in the past and non of the ones I've used have these type of services. I was moving from Los Angeles to Australia for a new job I was taking on. With all the stress and anxiety I was going through these guys made things stress free. I had TV's, tables, China cabinets, and very valuable paintings I needed to bring along with me.... read more

    Charles B. Avatar
    Charles B.

    5 star ratingI just recently shipped out one of my very special cabinets that my grandmother had owned. She moved to Seattle and i needed to find someone who could move this special item to my grandmother just in time for Christmas. Ran into to daniel as i was working and he told me little about himself and what he did. And he was the perfect fit to what i needed shipped. He gave me a business card. Few days later gave... read more

    Adrian P. Avatar
    Adrian P.

    5 star ratingWhat more can I say about My International Movers?! These movers are just simply awesome!!! My family and I were moving over to Washington due to my wife's new job offer. So with this exciting new we wanted to make sure this move was nice and clean. My wife and I were doing research ok various companies that would help us with the move and we ran into these international movers. Talking with Mike he reassured us that all our... read more

    Jonathan P. Avatar
    Jonathan P.
  • 5 star ratingTheir customer service makes them the best company. My movefrom NY to California. I'm really happy with the service I received. When our shipment arrived in Los Angeles, we were notified and scheduled a delivery for the following day. Three movers were sent to do the unloading and they were great! Very careful,friendly and fast! I had been worried for weeks about what condition our things would be in when they arrived and after all of the unloading I was... read more

    Dani O. Avatar
    Dani O.

    5 star ratingThese guys are simply the best. I did a move over to Jamaica and these guys did it all. I had a lot of sensitive belongings and these guys took the time to make sure it was all secure wrapping and boxes. When I received my belongings upon arrival to Jamaica, I was happy to see they were very secured in boxes. I'm a happy camper, will come back to these guys if I do a move back.

    Allen G. Avatar
    Allen G.

    5 star ratingThis place was amazingggg. They provided great packing services with great deals. I moved from New York to LA and had a few fragile items that I was worried about but they were fine! I intend to use this company for shipping from LA to London.

    Ama E. Avatar
    Ama E.
  • 5 star ratingI'm glad I found My International Movers!  Impeccable service was provided!   I had to move to Tokyo Japan not too long ago for  business and I've moved a couple times to other countries in the past 10 years and by far this was the fastest, easiest move. I packed up my apartment in boxes and scheduled them to pick up my belongings.  They were prompt from start to finish.  Finishing in Japan I noticed my things arrived on time... read more

    Joe K. Avatar
    Joe K.

    5 star ratingI hate moving it's always so difficult. My recent move is my first international move. I moved to Thailand,  I was so nervous about moving all my belongings.  But, My International Movers made my moving experience easy. These guys were fantastic! All my stuff made it and nothing was damaged.  My International Movers has excellent service and the guys are very professional and courteous.

    Adrien G. Avatar
    Adrien G.

    5 star ratingI greatly appreciated the service this moving service provides. These guys are very knowledgeable, fast and easy to work with. Prices are very competitive. I needed to ship a grandfather clock to Italy for my aunt and I was surprised that it made it on the exact date. I've dealt with other companies and I've always had a bogus ETA. I would definitely recommend this outstanding service to anyone!

    Richard A. Avatar
    Richard A.
  • 5 star ratingThese guys are great!!  I needed to ship a Ford Expedition rear end to Asia for my dad.  I shopped around for prices and these guys were the best bang for my buck for the time frame I needed to have this to my dad by.  Showed up to my house and moved everything for me as well packed it in a crate.  Very impressed with their service!!!!

    Erwin B. Avatar
    Erwin B.

    5 star ratingPerfect way to pack your apartment into boxes and get it ready to be shipped overseas. My International Movers company was the right choice for this task. I was helping my friend and we booked 3 guys and we made a great team working together. I was helping making sure everything is organised right as there were lots of small items that needed careful packing service. This was a stress free relocation that I'd love to share with people who... read more

    Damien M. Avatar
    Damien M.

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