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My International Movers is an international moving company offering shipping services from air and freight shipping to custom crates and free boxes. Traveling is an exciting time in one’s life, allowing you the opportunity to explore a new country and culture as well as grow as a person. The packing and planning aspect can cause a bit of anxiety but with the assistance of our professional international moving company, transitioning overseas has never been so simple. Rely on the trusted and reputable overseas moving team at My International Movers.

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International moving from Naperville, Illinois with My International Movers

Are you toying with the idea of leaving everything behind and starting your life over in another country somewhere across the world? We understand that you might be somewhat anxious about the whole relocation process, but you should know that you can sail through it when you hire a reliable moving company to help you. So, if you’ve decided to move to another part of the world, make sure that you find a top-notch international moving company, and you have nothing to worry about. In other words, hire My International Movers, and you’re good to go. We are proud to say that our moving company is one of the best in the country, so you can be sure you’ll have experts take care of your move when you rely on us.

We offer high-quality moving services, and there is a wide range of them for you to choose between. For instance, you can ask for professional packing and unpacking, moving budget plans, custom crating, auto transportation, storage service, etc. Remember that you can always contact our representatives and ask for a full list and, of course, more information about those services that you need. We are here to answer all your questions because we understand that you’ll feel more comfortable knowing what exactly to expect once this hectic process gets started. In addition to this, we will be more than glad to give you some useful moving and packing tips, too. What you need to do is grab your phone and call us as soon as possible.

Since we have been in the moving business for more than 15 years, we know that many people are worried about possible eye-watering costs of their relocation. However, you don’t have to worry about that because My International Movers are among the most affordable movers in the nation. Keep in mind that our international moving company offers excellent moving quotes. So, if you want to know how much your relocation will cost approximately, do not hesitate to ask for a free moving estimate.

When it comes to packing, even if you decide to pack your stuff without professional assistance, do know that we are still here to provide you with all the necessary packing supplies. So, if needed, you can count on us to bring you everything you need to wrap all your belongings and protect them from any possible damage during the transportation.

Do you think you and your family are ready to get down to packing and move from Naperville, Illinois? If so, you shouldn’t waste any more time but let us know you want our company to take care of your relocation, and we’ll get down to work immediately. So, feel free to give us a ring and schedule your moving day anytime you want. My International Movers are here to relocate you to South America, Asia, or Europe, so wherever it is that you want to start your life over, count on us to help you make that happen. Once again, if you need any additional information, we are at your disposal anytime you need us.

Can I afford an international move?

Making International shipping affordable starts with determining what you are going to ship.

  1. Free in-home estimates

    Our international moving company provides free in-home estimates, by experts who have years working as overseas movers.

  2. Discussing your needs

    We are here to sit down with you and discuss all your moving needs. From here, we can go over the various services we offer including air and ocean freight shipping, working within your budget.

  3. No hidden fees

    We offer our services at a competitive price with no hidden fees. Our ocean freight shipping is only charged by the volume and destination and air freight is dependent on weight, volume, and destination of your international household goods.

International Moving Free Quote, Clipboard

Will My International Movers Help Me Pack?

My International Movers employs seasoned professional overseas movers, who understand international household good moving and use the most secure and efficient way of packing all your belongings.

International Moving Packers
  1. Free Boxes

    Our offer of free boxes and the easily customized crates will deal with any hard-to-pack items.

  2. High Quality Products

    For all our overseas shipping, we only use the highest quality products on the market, that are extra durable and are designed to hold heavy, fragile items.

  3. We can pack your entire household

    Let My International Movers take care of packing the entire household for you, while you get to start planning your new life abroad. With years of industry experience packing various items from flimsy, small items to expensive and fragile antiques, we leave you comfortable that your belongings are safe. Everyone of our staff members has undergone an extensive background check and screening.

What are the Types of Shipping Methods?

We at My International Movers make all modes of transport available to you, air, land, and sea.

  1. Ocean Freight

    Ocean freight is our most common and low cost mode of transport.

  2. Air Freight

    Others seek an expedited delivery with air freight.

  3. Door-to-door and Door-to-port shipping

    We ship household goods and vehicles. Our International Shipping team will come to your home, professionally pack your belongings, transport overseas and deliver them to your new destination. Whatever the situation, we have a solution that is tailored to your needs.

International Moving Sea Freight

How Secure are our Storage Facilities?

We have several storage across America, that offer safe and secure storage facilities in various locations. Let My International Movers eliminate the confusion and help you have a no-hassle move. Our secured storage units are a great resource to incorporate into your move.

International Moving Boxes
  1. Free Storage

    With 30 days free storage and fire-proof facilities, you can rest easy.

  2. Moisture-proof & 24/7 Security

    Every storage facility is moisture proof and monitored 24/7 so you can know that your goods are in the right hands.

  3. Everything is labeled

    Everything is labeled and in order assuring that your precious belongings will never be misplaced. At My International Movers, our mission to satisfy the customers and we go above and beyond to make that happen.

So Why Choose Us?

Choose us because we are experienced and dedicated to customer service, our international shipping company will get you across the globe, professionally, courteously, and stress free. My International Movers is completely licensed, bonded, and insured making us the right choice to work with.

  1. Cover a wide range of services
  2. Are competitively priced and absolutely customized to your move
  3. Been in business for years
  4. Provide the latest in moving equipment and technology
  5. Active in industry trends
  6. Operate with the customer in mind
International Moving Sea Freight

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After our international move we have the most favorable impression! My grandparents were highly please by how non-pushy, respectful, and careful these guys were. They asked for few directions, but overall were very experienced and self-guided. We wish you success and prosperity!

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