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My International Movers is a long distance moving company with years of experience behind us. The motto we stand behind is simple: Our goal is customers’ satisfaction. That is why we have a range of services you can choose from, primarily because experience taught us to tend to many different demands. And we make sure we do just that.
International Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

Whether you need a professional expert to help you arrange your packing, or someone with financial knowledge to watch over the moving budget with you, additional storage, or any extra help with moving, our employees are at your disposal. The advice they give is free, but can be invaluable in the process of moving.

Relocation of a business headquarters or moving someone’s house is something we do every day, but in no way take it lightly. There is certainly the sense of professionalism but a spirit of a family company in our group of employees and their superiors.

Our company specializes in three ways of transporting, door-to-door, air freight and ocean freight. This type of service will cater to those whose expenses have already reached a breaking point, or those who wish to save money on transportation fees.In case the shipment isn’t time sensitive, we strongly recommend you to opt for this way of delivery. Here is why.

The availability is as almost at the same level as air freight, but you pay just a tiny fraction of the cost for it. The service can undeniably take a long time, but the appeal of the sea voyage, safe and undisturbed, is not to be taken for granted. We are best known for our high performance standards when it comes to dealing with sensitive cargo that’s been destined to be delivered from USA to any country abroad. Ocean freight logistics is not a foreign concept to us. We will ensure the safety of your precious cargo in the process of moving house, moving your company abroad, or transporting your vehicle using our services. One more thing we can assure you of is that there are no hidden costs, and that the bill will be the same as we have formerly agreed upon.