Moving from New York to South Korea

Are you planning on moving from New York and are looking for a reliable moving company to help you with the move? The decision to move to a new country was probably not an easy one to make. As your moving date keeps getting closer and closer and you will soon be changing your address and moving to South Korea, you might need help to deal with the mounting tasks.

International relocations are challenging and can require a lot of time and energy. Be prepared to face lots of tedious tasks regarding your upcoming relocation process. What you may need is the help of a reliable and professional moving company. By hiring dependable movers, you will avoid the arduous organizing of your international relocation because you will have professionals who will help you with the whole process. My International Movers is one of the best moving companies in the country, and we can help you with your international move. We have helped many customers move to their new homes overseas, and all of them were very satisfied with our high-quality moving services. Hire our moving company, and we will help you go through this moving process as easy as possible.

What do we offer?

New York international movers will organize a moving plan after you tell us what it is that you need to be done to complete the move to your satisfaction. Based on your requirements, we will provide you with advice on what high-quality moving services you should use. New York international movers will also provide you with moving tips and packing advice that can be very useful during your moving process. If you need help with packing, tell our moving teams, and they will be happy to pack your entire household if need be. We know how difficult packing can get when you do not have enough moving supplies. Luckily for you, New York international movers are able to provide you with all the moving supplies that you will need.


New York international movers provide two shipping options – ocean shipping moving services and air shipping moving services. Our sea shipping services are safe, great for moving big loads, but not that fast. If your move is time-sensitive and you need to get everything done as soon as possible, then our international air freight services are just what you are looking for.

About South Korea

If you are thinking about moving to South Korea, you might just be making the best decision of your life. Public transportation in Seoul is very cheap, approximately $1USD base fare (1050 won) and is what commuters in other major cities that have a more expensive public transit system envy. Additionally, public transportation in Seoul is incredibly convenient. You can get to pretty much any part of Seoul by only relying on subways and buses. Public transportation is also very safe in the rest of South Korea. Sure there are a few crazies here and there, and some buses tend to get more overcrowded than others, but that goes for every public transportation system in a big city.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable moving company to help you move from New York to South Korea, then you will be happy to know that you have found one of the best moving companies in the US, My International Movers. Call one of our friendly representatives to get more information about the relocation, about the moving services we provide, and get a free moving quote. So, call us today, and let us begin your international move.