Moving from New York to the Philippines

You have been living in New York your whole life. You are so used to the sound of New York traffic coming from outside your window that you don’t even hear it. Walking down the streets of Manhattan is what calms you down, and the sight of a large crowd is a common thing for you. But you have recently received a new job opportunity and now all you can think about is moving. You toss and turn at night thinking about all the expenses and time the relocation process is going to take and you don’t even know what the first step is. There is no need to panic, and international moving is not something you need to be scared of.

To start off, you need to find a good moving company. You need someone reliable who can provide you with good moving services and make your relocation process easier. This is why you need someone like My International Movers. Our professional team is always available for you to consult them about your moving plan and they are always willing to give advice about your relocation process. Our moving company has years of experience in the moving business. If the moving cost is what worries you, you can relax! Our moving company offers a free price estimate. This way you will know how much money you will spend on the relocation services and you can focus on other things on the list. No additional fees will be charged.

Our moving services

One of many services New York international movers offer is overseas vehicle shipping. If you have a car or any other vehicle you want to take with you during your relocation process, New York international movers can do it for you. Do you have an oversized freight? Do you have something that can’t be relocated by international moving by air? New York international movers offer the service of shipping your oversized freight to any location you need. Not only that, but they also offer the option of tracking your shipment, so you can always know where your possessions are. Whatever you need, New York international movers will be happy to help and make your relocation process as easy and exciting as they can.


You have decided to move to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Although you are accustomed to living on land, moving to the country that consists of almost 8 thousand islands is not a thing to be sad about. You are practically moving to paradise. Philippines is located in the western Pacific Ocean and is populated by around 100 million people. Did you know that the Philippines is the fifth-largest English speaking nation? You will be welcome to learn Filipino anytime, but should you do business, they will understand your language perfectly.

If you like visiting interesting and unusual places, these will be perfect for you to visit:

  • Hinatuan Enchanted River
  • Waterfalls Restaurant
  • Sagada and its Hanging Coffins
  • Asik-Asik Falls
  • Sunken Cemetery of Catarman
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Vulcan Point

If you need more useful information about moving, visit this website. You can contact our New York international movers for more information here.