Moving from New York to the United Kingdom

Are you planning to move from New York and are looking for a reliable moving company to help you with the move? Although you have lived in New York City for many years, the decision to move abroad was probably not easy to make. Your moving date is getting closer, you will soon be changing your address and moving to the United Kingdom, and might need the help of a moving company to help you with your move.

International moves are usually demanding and will require lots of your time and energy. Be prepared to handle many complicated tasks when getting ready for your moving process. What you might need, if you want to ease your move, is the help of a professional and dependable moving company. By hiring a reliable moving company, you will avoid the problematic organization of the move because you will have professional movers who will help you with the entire relocation. My International Movers is one of the many excellent moving companies that can help you with your relocation and will provide you with useful moving services. We have helped many clients who came from all over the country, and all of them were very satisfied with our high-quality moving services. Hire us as your moving company and let us help you go through this moving process and make it as easy as possible.

Our services

New York international movers will draw up a moving plan for you after you let us know what you need to be done to complete the move. Based on that, they will provide you with advice on which high-quality moving services you will need for your move. New York international movers will also provide you with a lot of useful moving tips that will be very helpful during the move. If you need any help packing, tell our experienced moving and packing teams, and they will be happy to save you the trouble. We know how complicated packing can be when you do not have enough moving boxes. Fortunately, New York international movers will provide you with all the moving supplies that you might need to move successfully. They even provide custom crating services, which are great if you have some fragile things that you want to bring with you.


New York international movers provide both international ocean shipping moving services and international air shipping services. Our sea freight services are affordable, safe, great for relocating big loads, but this option is not very fast, and you might wait a bit before your things arrive. If your relocation is time-sensitive, then you will need our international air freight services.

About the United Kingdom

The UK is a popular destination for those looking to move, and for a good reason. Whether you are looking for nightlife, culture, or natural beauty, the United Kingdom provides all and more in spades. Everywhere you look in the UK, you will be surrounded by years of history. A simple walk down the street can turn into an impromptu history lesson as you pass by historic churches, homes, and even a few castles.

Upon moving to the UK, you will have many of the top museums, best music, and even greatest sports teams in the world at your disposal. The UK is also a famous melting pot, which makes the country a unique and exciting place to explore.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable moving company that can help you move from New York, then you will be happy to know that you have found one of the best moving companies in the United States, My International Movers. Call one of our friendly representatives to get more information about the moving process and the moving services that we provide. So, call us today, and let us get started on your international move.