Moving from Los Angeles to Perth, Australia

Perth and Los Angeles have at least one thing in common – they’re the biggest metropolitan centers in their home states.  Moving from Los Angeles to Perth may feel daunting, but here at My International Moving, we want to make that big move less frightening and more fun for you.

Moving from Los Angeles to Perth? Here’s Why You Should Choose My International Movers

  • Door-to-door service when moving from LA to Perth, Australia
  • 24/7 Shipment Tracking
  • The right services for moving from Los Angeles to Perth: air freight, ocean cargo, and oversized freight shipping
  • Overseas vehicle shipping when moving from LA to Perth Long and short term storage options

Moving from LA to Perth can be quite pricey, but the best way to cut costs is to choose an international moving company you can trust.  My International Moving is known for its honest and affordable pricing — we will provide a free estimate prior to the move.  My International Moving is also fully licenesed and insured.

Moving from one continent to another involves headache and stress — don’t make it worse by choosing an inferior moving company.  My International Moving is a full service international moving company that provides door-to-door service when moving from LA to Perth, Australia.  We also provide free boxes and custom crates to move your belongings safely and securely.  We help you pack and we deliver so that you don’t have to worry about hidden fees, unexpected surprises, and heavy-lifting.

My International Moving is globally recognized and is one of the most trusted international moving companies in the world.  In addition to our affordable shipping services, we’re also known for our impeccable customer service and will answer all of your questions and allow you to focus on the adventure ahead rather than the things left behind.

Fun fact: Perth, Australia has the highest percentage of self-made millionaires in its population compared to any other city in the world?  Perth is also known to be the sunniest capital in the world, getting an average of 8 hours of sun rays per day.

When moving across the globe from Los Angeles, California to Perth, Australia, you’re going to need someone you can count on.  LA and Perth are worlds apart, and we’re here to bridge that gap!

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