Moving from New York to Germany with My International Movers

The hustle, crowds, and noise of the Big Apple do not seem to meet your expectations anymore. This is why you have come to the decision to move from here. Relocating overseas to Germany is something that you have wanted to do for a while now and we can help! My International Movers is ideal for shipping cargo internationally and we have been in the business for a while now. Moving will pass quickly because we can relocate absolutely anything – a vehicle, a house, belongings, boxes, we do it all! We use door-to-door service for our international moving and we will give you the highest level of service. My International Movers will put in its best effort on your move and try to make it as quick and problem-free as possible. We are made up of the great consultants and international movers in all of the US that are trained professionals and have been in the business for many years. We will also provide you with drivers and a packing team that will be there to make sure that nothing but the highest quality service is provided for you. At the very beginning of your relocation, you will get a representative that you can call at any time throughout your overseas move. Feel free to ask them any questions, or address your concerns or comments during the process of your relocation. My International Movers has never included any hidden prices so that you know exactly how much the prices of your relocation are going to be.

Down below is some information on Germany that our staff has put together for you to ease the adjustment process of your relocation.

About Germany

Germany offers plenty of opportunities for its newcomers, having one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe. Anyone from around the world is welcome to apply for apprenticeships in the country and you have a pretty high chance of getting in. Germans are famous for their bakeries and rye bread, pretzels, and bread rolls. Sundays here are known as a day of rest. Only a few shops will be found open on Sundays, but most of the time everything is closed on this sacred day. The capital of Germany itself is quite unique and open-minded, so if you plan on relocating here be sure to check out some of its greatest features like the Red Square http://www.red-square.de/en/index.html, the Aleksanderplatz, the Jewish Museum https://www.jmberlin.de/en and the famous Berlin Wall http://www.berliner-mauer-gedenkstaette.de/en/the-berlin-wall-10.html ! The country’s capital also has one of the best nightlife options in the whole world, as well as plenty of great restaurants with cuisines from a wide variety of countries around the globe. There are plenty of vegan options to choose from, but be sure to visit the well-known Let it Be restaurant http://letitbevegan.de/ !

This country will definitely meet all your expectations, so be sure to get to planning early! Give us a call today so that together we can start scheduling the dates of your move!