Moving to Los Angeles from Vancouver

Although Canada is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery, you have decided to leave it and move to the United States. You have been presented with an opportunity of a lifetime and although leaving Vancouver won’t be easy, just think about your future home – Los Angeles. Now is your chance to improve your lifestyle, to change your habits, and learn new things. Think about this move as an opportunity to progress in every aspect.

Your international move certainly requires a lot of time and good organization. And unfortunately, you lack both. Do you know your options? You can either seek help from your friends or hire a moving company. The first option may sound easier to you, but you should take into consideration a lot of things. Although your friends are willing to pack you, everything can easily turn into chaos because your friends aren’t professionals. Besides, are you sure they can secure all your things from damage? If you hire reliable movers, you will not have to think about these things. You will be more relaxed knowing that everything is safe and secured.

Hiring a moving company

Finding a professional moving company certainly sounds like a better idea, when you think about it. Hire movers you can rely on and who can provide you with everything you need regarding your international relocation. My International Movers is one of the best moving companies on the market. We will relocate you wherever you want, just give us the address.

Our moving services

Our Vancouver international movers will help you pack and secure all your household belongings. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you have got or whether you have some delicate items because our Vancouver international movers are here to find a solution to every problem. Besides packing service, we offer you packing equipment, that is, all the moving supplies and materials you need for your international move. You won’t have to look for used moving boxes that are not safe.

Overseas vehicle shipping

For those of you who own a vehicle, we offer our excellent and convenient overseas vehicle shipping option. Vancouver international movers have two car moving options – roll on-roll off and full container load. Which one do you prefer? Call us to get more information.

Vancouver international movers will be happy to share with you moving tips and advice, but we also recommend this website if you want to learn more about moving in general.

Los Angeles

If you still haven’t decided where you want to live in Los Angeles, you should know that there is a great number of neighborhoods. All of them differ, so choose the one based on your needs. Leimert Park is known for being very friendly-oriented, South Park is contemporary and urban, North Hollywood is for you if you have a family, whereas San Pedro is a place where you can easily purchase a house, because of its affordability. Do a little research on your own and check out real estate market. Here are some neighborhoods that you should consider:

  • Atwater Village
  • Beverly Grove
  • Beverly Hills
  • Culver City
  • Echo Park

Vancouver international movers are waiting for your call so contact our representatives and set the moving date.