Moving to Toronto from New York

You have recently found out that you will be moving. You are currently living in New York, but it’s time to plan your relocation to a different place. Though New York will always have a special place in your heart, you have decided that it is time for something new and now you are planning your international relocation to Toronto. You are excited about moving, but also the thought of it scares you. You have too many decisions to make and it all seems overwhelming to you. You don’t need to stress about this. You need to start by looking for professional advice and tips about moving. You can go to your friends and ask them about it, of course, but what we are talking about here is finding a good moving company which you can rely on.

What does consulting with a moving company mean? This means that you can schedule a survey with the moving company of your choice and consult them about your relocation plans and how to realize them in the easiest way possible. My International Movers is a moving company that offers this survey for free, as well as a free price estimate. No additional costs are included and the quote you get from the very start is the quote that will be the same in the end. We have been working on international relocations for years and testimonials from our customers can prove you that our excellent service and good pricing range are one of our moving company‘s traits.

Our moving services

Are you having trouble packing or do you just hate packing in general? What if we told you that our New York international movers can pack everything for you? Not only do New York international movers offer packing services, but you can also order additional moving supplies and boxes from our website.

Have you chosen your method of shipping? New York international movers offer you two types of shipping: international moving by air and international moving by sea. Should you chose the second option, given it takes more time, you can track your belongings wherever they are. New York international movers also have a service of tracking your shipment where you get updates within twenty four hours of whereabouts of your belongings during the relocation process.


As the capital city of Canada, Toronto holds a population of six million people. Moving there won’t be a problem for you since you are moving from one big city to another. Toronto is also recognized as a centre of business, finance, arts, and culture. This means that you can choose from a variety of job options, and your chances for success are very high. Did you know that Toronto is the second business friendly city in the world after Hong Kong?

If you like going to museums, you should visit some of Toronto’s most popular museums like:

  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Toronto Railway Museum
  • Campbell House Museum
  • Colborne Lodge

If you want more information about moving, read more here. You can contact New York international movers if you need additional information or if you want to set the moving date right away.