Moving to Toronto from San Francisco

If you have the urge to change your life, the best thing to do is to change your environment. By doing that, you will have a chance to start the new chapter of your life far away from your current home. Is this the reason you have decided to move from San Francisco to Toronto? Maybe you have some other reasons like expanding your business or you’re moving for love. Either way, international relocation can be a complicated procedure that can last so you’d better start on time. Or better yet, hire a moving company on time. Finding reliable movers isn’t easy, but you were lucky enough to come across My International Movers. We are one of the best moving companies because we offer our clients affordable services and quality equipment.

Our moving team will make sure all of your belongings, as well as your vehicle, arrive safely at your future address. Once you hire our experts, there will be no room for panic and stress. Our San Francisco international movers have done a great number of international relocations and they will successfully handle this one from San Francisco to Toronto.

Our moving services

Tell us some details about your moving process. Do you have a limited budget? Have you already set the moving date? Are you moving your household items or your office supplies? All these things will help us put together the appropriate moving plan that will suit you. Have in mind that we care about your needs. That’s shy we want to help you go through this tiresome process easily. Our San Francisco international movers can help you with packing. Most of the people don’t like it since it takes much time and energy. However, our moving team will do it in no time because they are skilled and experienced.

Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned. If you come across a problem, just contact our San Francisco international movers and they will do their best to find a solution. So, if something prevents you from moving in all your things and you need a space to place them, we will gladly offer our storage units. Our other services include overseas vehicle shipping, corporate relocation service, custom crating, free estimate. Call us to get more information and read on to find some useful information about your future place of living.


You are going to live in the largest city in Canada, Toronto, and you can’t wait to relocate. The city is very diverse in culture, so be prepared to learn and see a lot of new things and meet a lot of different people from all around the world. Do you know that over half or Toronto’s residents are born in other countries?

Whether you decide to ship your car or not, you should know that Toronto has many modes of transportation. The Toronto Transit Commission runs subways, streetcars, and busses. Getting a Presto card will make things easier if you plan on using public transportation on a daily basis. The alternative is either a bike or an Uber.

Explore the beauty of Toronto and visit:

  • Queen Street
  • Toronto Waterfront
  • St. Lawrence Market
  • CN Tower
  • The Beach Village
  • Harbour Centre

Visit this website to gather some useful information and call our San Francisco international movers to get the process started.