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Vancouver, My International Movers – Los Angeles international moversHave you received a new job opportunity recently? Have you been thinking about international moving? You are currently living in Los Angeles, the city with many opportunities when it comes to one’s career and life in general. But you have decided to seek your career elsewhere or perhaps relocate your business internationally. You want to move to Vancouver. Relocation procedure can take a long time. It can be very exhausting and tedious. But moving to another country shouldn’t be anything like that. You should be excited and happy that you get to start over in a completely new place. That is when a moving company comes in handy.

When it comes to choosing a moving company, you have to look for a company that puts your wishes and needs as their number one priority. That is why you should choose My International Movers. If the moving price is what concerns you, our moving company can tell you that it won’t be a problem. To help you handle relocation costs, we offer a free estimate. This way, you know what the final price is and our moving company won’t charge any additional costs. You can be assured that you won’t spend a dollar more than what you intended to spend on your moving. Also if you need any advice about your relocation process, our team of professionals will be glad to help you with that and any questions you need to ask.

Our moving services

Not only do we offer free relocation price estimate, but you can schedule free survey with our Los Angeles international movers, and they will help you choose the right moving services you need. Do you want to relocate your whole office or you have oversized freight you don’t know how to handle? Los Angeles international movers offer you the option of oversized freight shipping.

You can also ask for international moving by sea, which is particularly useful if you have a lot to transport to your new home. However, if you opt for a quicker way of shipment, Los Angeles international movers also have the option of international moving by air. This option costs a little bit more than the previous one, but it takes much less time. Whatever you choose, our Los Angeles international movers team will give you excellent service.

My International Movers – Los Angeles international movers


Moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver is not a small change. If you prefer Canada’s colder weather to Los Angeles’ sunny and warm weather, then moving to Vancouver won’t be much of a problem for you.

Although Vancouver is Canada’s warmest city, daily average temperatures almost never reach over 72 °F in July and August. It is also one of Canada’s wettest cities. Did you know that the cosmetic treatment Botox was invented in Vancouver? It is always a good idea to read more about Vancouver before you get there, so read more on the Vancouver site.

If you are interested in art and culture, you can always visit:

  • Vancouver Playhouse
  • The Annex
  • Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza
  • The Orpheum
  • Queen Elizabeth Theatre

If you want more information about moving, you can visit this website. You can contact Los Angeles international movers here if you have any questions or concerns.