Packing hacks that will save your life – and time!

  1. Put clothes on hangers directly in garbage bags. This way, your closet will be ready to unpack and you won’t have to spend extra time putting your clothes back on hangers. It is both quick and efficient.
  2. One room rule: Besides the fact that it is highly recommended to pack one room at a time and to label them separately, this trick will help you relax and reduce your stress upon settling in your new home for the first time. Here is what you have to do- choose one room which you are going to unpack first and have your boxes ready as soon as you arrive. Set that room up as soon as possible, and then handle everything else, because this way whenever you get tired or want to rest for a while you will have your quiet place, free of any boxes where you and your family can spend some time during your breaks.
  3. Take a picture of the wires on your electronic devices so that after you move you can easily put them back and hook them up in the right place without stressing too much.
  4. After taking a picture of the cables on your electronic devices, tie them up, but tie all the cables from one device together, and do the same for the rest. Then either use a Ziploc bag to store them together or just simply use toilet paper rolls. Put the labels on the toilet paper tubes by writing clearly on them with a marker which cables go where, stack the tubes inside the box and store the assigned cables in them. They will be separated inside the box and extremely easy to find later.
  5. Do It Yourself box handles for easy carrying. All you need is a utility knife or sharp scissors and a cardboard box. Take the knife and cut triangular handholds on both sides of the box. That will make your job much easier and the boxes more manageable. Have the top-flap of your triangle-shaped cut out still attached, and just fold it inside when you want to carry the box, and put it back when you don’t need it anymore, you can even tape it back.
  6. Defrost your refrigerator at least 24 hours before your move. Do not leave this for the last day because you will end up with a wet mess. Simply leave it to defrost overnight and put some towels in front to soak up the water. In the morning, scrub the refrigerator clean and you have just made moving less stressful.
  7. Take the most out of what you’ve got. If you have any rolling luggage, use it for things that are heavier and thus harder to carry. Instead of thinking of it as another thing to pack and place, think of it as a moving box with wheels that you can just roll into the moving truck. Use some padding inside if the items are fragile, and the zipper will prevent anything from falling out, it is a perfect solution.
  8. Plastic wrap, plastic wrap, plastic wrap. This is something you should buy in bulk along with the things you will need for your move. It can come in handy in so many ways, but the one you probably haven’t heard of is- for your drawers. Yes, you can use saran wrap to quickly and easily pack your silverware or some of your other drawers that you would like to move intact. Why empty your drawers when you can just wrap them with saran wrap and keep them shut and keep the items in their place? After you have settled, unwrap the silverware tray or the drawers and voila! Your job here is done.
  9. Another trick you can use for the items in your drawers is using gallon bags. Place all the items from one drawer in one gallon bag, and afterwards, while unpacking, just empty the content of the bag back into the drawer. It’s as simple as that.
  10. Use wine box cases for your glasses. They already have divided cells, so the glasses will remain intact, and you can easily get them just by visiting a couple of local restaurants or wineries. Those boxes can be very helpful and used for many things so think about what else you could pack in them. Maybe some figurines or small vases?
  11. If you want to pack clothes that wrinkle easily but do not want them to get wrinkled, place the clothes flat inside a dry-cleaning bag. Then you can fold them as you normally would, the plastic from the dry-cleaning bag will prevent your clothes from wrinkling and any creases from setting in.
  12. Put your dirty shoes in a shower cap. Make sure that no dirty soles are going to cause you any trouble by placing a shower cap under your shoes, this way you can keep everything tight and clean.
  13. You can also stack some socks or products that won’t spill or burst inside the shoes for extra packing space.
  14. Use thicker socks to prevent items from breaking. You can place glass fragrance bottles or even wine bottles inside the socks (of course you are going to need knee-highs for the wine bottles because of their size). This way, not only are your breakables protected, but you have just packed some extra socks, how great is that?