Things you should know when you are shipping your vehicle internationally

The moment you decide to move abroad, you should hire a moving company. Don’t deal with the complicated moving process on your own. My International Movers offers you its services. We can handle every step of the procedure.

One of the most important things that must be handled successfully is shipping your vehicle. If you have never moved to another country, you are probably unfamiliar with the things you should do. Don’t worry; not only will we provide you with excellent services, but we can also give you advice on how to prepare for the international moving procedure. Read on and find out useful tips for moving your vehicle.

Choose between RO/RO and FCL

These abbreviations stand for roll on-roll off and full container load. By opting for the first one, your vehicle will be driven on and off the ship on their wheels or using a platform vehicle. It is a safe and affordable way to transport a car or any other type of vehicle. People often choose it because it is efficient and simple. The alternative to this is full container load which means that your vehicle will be transported in a space made for one customer only. If the time is of crucial importance for you, then this is the perfect option.

The price of the shipping

You can request a free price estimate which will help you in determining your budget. The factors that influence the price are:

  • The distance between a starting and ending point: The more the distance, the higher the price.
  • The type of the vehicle: Larger vehicles will cost more than smaller ones. Size and weight are one of the crucial factors in determining the cost of the shipping.
  • The condition of the car: If your car isn’t working, then the moving crew has to put more effort in loading and loading it, and that’s why it will cost more.
  • The type of the transport: Open or enclosed carriers and RO/RO and FCL don’t cost the same. It is up to you to decide which one you want.

Go through everything with our representative who will give you all the information. It is important to know in advance the price of the auto transport so you can prepare financially.

Documents you need to prepare

Do you know what documents you need to collect? We will help you with this also. Pay attention and prepare:

  • The original certificate of title of ownership of your car
  • A bill of sale or a notarized bill of sale depending on the port from which your vehicle will be shipped from
  • The original certificate of origin if your car is purchased brand new
  • A shipper export declaration form

Prepare your vehicle for the shipping

There are several steps you need to do in order to make sure the vehicle is ready for the transportation.

  • Clean your vehicle both inside and outside
  • Take photos of visible damages
  • Have it serviced so that it will be in best possible shape
  • Make sure there are no fluid leaks
  • Check the car battery and the tire pressure
  • Make sure the only ¼ of fuel remains in the  tank
  • If you extra elements and additional accessories, remove them
  • Remove the personal things from the car

Don’t forget you make a copy of your car keys since you will have to give your keys to us. Be sure that your car will be safe because My International Movers will ship it safely wherever you choose.