Things You Need to Know Before Moving to San Francisco

There are many different reasons why some people eventually decide to leave their hometown and start their lives all over someplace else. Some of them are job-hunting, some do it only to be with their partner/family, but there are also the ones who simply feel the need to find a better place for living. Do you belong to any of these categories? Have you been thinking about changing your place of residence? Have you, perhaps, considered moving to San Francisco? Being the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California, this city often wins the battle and gets picked by many people as their new place of residence. No wonder that’s the case, the City by the Bay really has a lot to offer to its residents.

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Now that you can relax and leave us take care of your relocation, you should learn something about the place you’ll soon call home. In this article, you’ll read about San Francisco in general, but we have also prepared some specific details about the city, together with a couple of helpful pieces of advice that will come in handy once you move there. We hope you’ll find it interesting and useful.

First of all, for those of you might not be acquainted with some general information about San Francisco, now’s your chance to learn them. The City by the Bay is located on the West Coast of the United States. There are several islands that are a part of San Francisco (including the well-known Alcatraz), so if you have always dreamed of living on one, this is the right choice for you.

Another thing that might draw you to relocate there is the city’s climate. Having a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, the city gives you the opportunity to enjoy dry summers and mild winters (believe it or not, the lowest recorded temperature was only −3 °C). So, if you’re the type of person who enjoys warm weather and spending time on a beach (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll love your new life in San Francisco from the very first day there, especially if you come from some place where you had to put up with cold weather and lots of snow.

However, you should also bear in time that it’s often foggy in the city and the weather doesn’t change much over the year, but if you’re anything like the locals, you’ll learn how to love the fog and actually enjoy the foggy days, as they claim they do. Even if you can’t seem to get used to it right away, remember that San Francisco is a home to several microclimates, so you can always go somewhere you’ll feel more comfortable for a little while if you need to.

As previously mentioned, the city is rich in cultural life, which means there’s always something interesting and new for people of all ages and different interests. What’s particularly exciting about San Francisco is that there are plenty of all kinds of festivals. You will be surprised how many of them there are and how peculiar they can be. Some of the best known ones include Bay to Breakers, How Weird Street Fair, the San Francisco Pride festival, Outside Lands, the Folsom Street Fair etc.

If you love spending your weekends in the nature or you just feel the need to escape the everyday hustle and bustle for a little while, you won’t have to give up the idea just because the nearest park is not really near at the moment. San Francisco boasts privately-owned public open spaces (POPOS) which are reserved for public use. POPOS mainly consist of various plazas, terraces and even small parks, which are, more often than not, located on rooftops, so you can enjoy the view and imagine you are somewhere far from the city, at least for an hour or two, before you recharge your batteries. Another great thing if you live in a downtown area is that the beach is actually really close – the Ocean Beach is only 30-minute drive away from it.

In case you are considering renting a house in San Francisco, you should be aware of the fact that rents are quite high there. Actually, according to some estimates, San Francisco is among the top expensive cities in the United States, if the most expensive one. For that reason, it is quite common to find a roommate when you start living there, at least for some time. Even if you opt for this solution, you still need to put some effort in finding a rent-controlled apartment, for these are quite rare to find.

When you start thinking about the city neighborhoods and wondering which one would be the best for you, you should consider some of the following:

– Pacific Heights – you like Victorian buildings and a sophisticated neighborhood? This is the right place for you.

– Noe Valley – this neighborhood is the best choice for you if you’re moving with your family.

– Mission – looking for a culturally diverse neighborhood? You should definitely check Mission.