Tips and tricks when packing and transporting your jewelry

Jewelry can be very messy and tricky to transport. Necklaces can get tangled, earrings lost, too many things can go wrong and there are so much more important things to be worrying about during the time of your move. So do not worry, because here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you when packing and transporting your jewelry:

  • Jewelry can get messy and tangled up during your move, so you need to devise a new hassle-free plan for your precious belongings. For necklaces and bracelets, use a plastic drinking straw to prevent them from tangling. Unclip the necklaces, thread them through the straws, and clip them back together. For shorter necklaces and bracelets, shorten the straw to fit the bracelet or necklace and you can easily use the rest.
  • Too many hair elastics? No problem, here is another way you can not only pack them easier but also use them for another packing hack. Roll up all your pairs of socks or leggings and stockings and use hair ties to wrap around them to prevent them from unraveling. This will help you keep your pairs tightly rolled and together, so they will be a lot easier to find when you are in a hurry.
  • Now for this one you are going to use saran wrap. Use your original jewelry boxes and clip them all together inside one of your drawers, put all the jewelry inside, then wrap it all tightly with saran wrap to prevent anything from mixing together or falling out. This creates a neat and divided storage space that you can also use for a lot of other things other than jewelry.
  • Another great way to use saran wrap for your trinkets is to place them between two sheets of saran wrap to stop them from tangling or moving around in your bag.
  • Do you have any extra buttons? If yes, then put them aside, because they will prove to be very useful. Take your earrings and insert one pair into one button, one earring through one hole, put them in your jewelry bag and you are done. This will keep your earrings together, and prevent any loss during your move.
  • If you have any Styrofoam disposable plates, do not throw them away. These can be very practical and help you with some of your jewelry. Take the plate and put your earrings through it. Make sure that all the earrings are secure. Then make holes for necklaces or bracelets on the side of the plate. After you are finished, use a Ziploc bag over it to prevent anything from falling out or getting lost.
  • For small items like rings or earrings you can use pill case compartments to store them and keep them closed in a safe place (you can also use an old lip balm container). You can even divide them by days and use them one compartment at a time, this will make your packing easy and fun!
  • A toilet paper roll can be used for this as well, you can put some elastic bracelets on them and thread a couple of necklaces through them (just like with the straw). You can also use it for hair accessories by stretching elastic bands around the roll and sliding clips and bobby pins on one of the ends. Who knew that toilet paper rolls can be helpful?
  • Use your wristwatch for small earring studs to avoid losing them during your move. Put them through the holes on the strap. But don’t forget to attach their backs, or you will create a mess.
  • You can even use an ice-cube tray for storing your jewelry. Each ring, necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings gets its own cubby when you use an ice-cube tray to organize your baubles.
  • In case that you have lost one of your earring backings, simply cut out a small piece of a thick rubber and use that instead. Simple and fast.
  • You can make a small travelling towel by stacking all your jewelry onto one towel- fold it nicely and tighten and secure it with elastic bands.
  • If you can find an empty Tic-Tac container, simply stack you hairpins and clips inside it so you can easily keep track of them and prevent losing any.
  • To avoid liquid products from spilling inside your purse or suitcase, unscrew the lid, put some plastic wrap on top, and screw the lid back on. That way even if the lid does pop open, nothing will spill.
  • Think outside the box. Another thing you can use for storing jewelry during your move is an egg carton. Simply place your jewelry inside, close it, and you are ready to go!