What items shouldn’t I pack myself when moving?

What items shouldn't I pack myself when movingWhen it comes to moving to a new home, there are two things that matter above all else – making sure that your items arrive safely at your new home, and keeping the moving costs as low as possible. Managing to accomplish both of these at once, however, is somewhat challenging, as their requirements are at odds with each other.

Performing a “do it yourself” relocation will seemingly help you save money, but will increase the risks involved in the relocation process immensely. On the other hand, hiring professional moving services will increase your chances of a safe and successful relocation and will also increase the moving costs. Packing your things yourself will allow you to lower the final price of your relocation. However, careless packing is unlikely to provide your things with adequate protection for your valued possessions. Having your belongings professionally packed will help keep them in pristine condition, but will cost you more, and so on and so forth.

To keep more of your cash in your wallet and keep your peace of mind, you have to find a middle ground and take advantage of some efficient methods to lower moving costs. By hiring professional help, you will guarantee that your relocation has a successful outcome.

Packing is the toughest, most time-consuming and nerve-wracking thing you have to complete before your relocation. You can pre-pack many of your things, especially the ones that have no specific packing needs, and let professional packers take care of your most delicate and valuable possessions, as well as any items that are difficult to pack, such as oddly-shaped objects, breakable items, or pieces of furniture that need to be disassembled.

So, what are the items that you should not pack yourself?


Pieces of art are on top of the list of the most delicate things in your home. Expertly crafted, strangely-shaped, and very fragile, they are unlikely to survive the move undamaged unless professionally packed. Even superficial damage can ruin the aesthetic appeal of a piece of art and significantly lower its value. And since you have invested a lot of money in these pieces of art, you should be more than ready to take every possible step to prevent any misfortune and keep your prized artworks in mint condition. Hiring professional packers to pack all of the pieces of art in your home is your best bet. These experts will have all the necessary packing materials and lots of experience needed to provide the best possible protection to your fine artwork.


Whether we are talking about priceless family heirlooms handed down from one generation to the next for hundreds of years, or some valuable vintage items that you have acquired recently, antiques are very old and, therefore, very prone to damage. The only way to preserve them during the risky moving process is to have them packed by experienced specialist movers who have the skills and professional know-how needed to handle such expensive and irreplaceable items safely.


Some electronics are quite easy to pack and transport to your new home. These are usually laptops, tablets, and lots of other small electronic devices which are meant to be taken along when traveling. Many of them already come with their own protective casings, meaning you do not need to provide any packing materials.

Other electronics, however, are more of a challenge to pack. Plasma screens, desktop computers, stereos, large TVs, and other cutting-edge electronics are not only heavy and fragile, but also very sensitive to extreme changes in temperature, increased levels of humidity, extreme heat or cold, static electricity, etc. These need to be wrapped in several protective layers of packing paper, bubble wrap, or soft fabric materials and put in well-padded, sturdy boxes of appropriate size. Any empty spaces in these boxes must be filled with foam sheets, anti-static peanuts, crumpled paper, or other suitable padding materials that will prevent the items shifting inside the moving containers and absorbing vibrations and shocks during the relocation. This risky, tedious, and strenuous job is better left to the experts.

What items shouldn’t I pack myself when moving – M.I.M.


Yet another incredibly delicate, heavy, unwieldy piece of furniture, a piano cannot just be wrapped in moving blankets and loaded onto the moving truck. You need to use efficient precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the finely-tuned felt hammers, pedals, keys strings, keys, and other complex mechanisms of this beautiful musical instrument. You need to find a way to protect the fine wood finish and take the heavy, awkwardly-shaped piece of furniture out of your home, onto the moving truck, and then into your new house, without any damage whatsoever. Completing this successfully is almost impossible without professional help.


Packing a full aquarium is the hardest packing challenge you can have. Making sure your fish, water plants, decorative elements, aquarium accessories and the glass tank itself are safely packed takes nothing short of a miracle. It will be up to you to move your fish, but professional movers will be more than happy to help you with the packing and transportation of the fish tank.


Trust the moving and packing experts when it comes to packing your fragile or valuable items for your relocation. These professionals know how to pack your treasured items in the safest possible way and can ensure that your relocation adventure ends happily. Visit My International Movers for more information.