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Undertaking an international relocation is a large step, and here at My International Movers, we recognize this fact. Our international relocation services will make moving your family abroad a cinch, utilizing our expert international movers. Allow us to simplify your moving experience.

Professional International Moving Services

With years of experience in the Overseas shipping industry, My International Movers holds an excellent track record including thousands of successfully completed overseas moves.  Our international moving company is licensed by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) as a Non vessel operator common carrier. We are also members of the International Association of Movers.

What exactly does all that mean?

All this means that each and every international staffer at My International Movers is prepared to see you through your move at the highest level of professional quality. We treat your overseas move just as if it were our own.

Cargo ship

Cargo ship

Save on International Moving Services, No Hidden Fees

International shipping and relocation does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Homeowners can often feel they don’t have enough time to properly plan an international relocation, or feel too rushed to map out their budget. Letting these details slip can be an expensive mistake for many individuals, as taking a few well timed steps to pre-plan your budget can make a large difference on the final cost of your international move.

Your first task when creating an international moving budget is to create an inventory of all the items in your home that you will consider moving. Create three labels of Keep, Maybe, and Donate. Once it’s completed, you and your family should review the list item by item, and place the items with their appropriate labels.

Once your list is complete, and your family has decided what items to ship and what to leave behind, we can then calculate your shipping costs based on the total volume of your items to be shipped internationally.

Once your total overseas moving expenses have been calculated, you can then decide whether you’d like to leave more items behind, or bring more items with you. If you’d like to bring down your expenses, you can re-evaluate some of the items kept in your “maybe” label, to decide.

There are two basic types of international moving by sea when using an international moving company.

FCL – Or a Full container load. Your personal items will be internationally shipped in one or more specifically designated international shipping containers. Whenever possible, our container is loaded at your home, and only unloaded once we reach your new residence in your destination country. Upon shipment, the container will be taken directly to port and  will be shipping off within 7 days. Your international shipment container is sealed and the seal is not broken until delivery, OR if inspected by a customs agent.

LCL –Or a Less container load. A cost effective way to ship small loads overseas, your items will be consolidated with other shipments into one larger container. This method can take longer to ship, as a container will only leave port once it is full.

We calculate your shipping cost via the following:

  • Export document fees
  • Port fee or Terminal Handling Charges
  • Insurance costs at 3% value
  • Total determined volume or weight of shipment
  • Fuel Adjustment Factor

Our overseas moving company will assist with your budgeting and planning for any overseas move or international relocation. Call My International Movers today and speak with one of our expert agents for a free quote on your next move.

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