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      During an international move, there is a possibility that your belongings are mishandled, and some of your items get damaged. Even though that is not likely to happen, My International Movers offer custom crating as one of our services. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a custom crate for your delicate items or some other valuables, we are here to help you out. Also, you can make a create if you opt for international moving by sea or international moving by air – it doesn’t make any difference.

      We know that safety of your belongings is probably an aspect of the relocation that worries you the most. The experts at My International Movers are among the best when it comes to handling your possessions, and you can rest assured that your things will arrive in the same condition as you left them.

      We understand that all items are meant to be packed into the boxes, and there are some that just don’t fit well. These are the ones you want to preserve, and My International Movers offer a wide array of custom designed wood crates and boxes. We are going to assist you in choosing your “personalized” container or even construct it, whereas all of the things or one item that you put into the container will, of course, be covered by the insurance. The things you need to consider for this service are some valuables such as antiques, priced artwork, fancy china, or anything else that you consider and is valuable. You want to provide additional security and let us deliver the particular item to you untouched.

      We just want you to know these things before you start designing your custom crate. The boxes and crates have different loading capacities which means that even though it looks a particular valuable can fit, that box or crate may not be the best choice. However, we will always find a solution, and our professionals have joined forces with some of the best specialists to develop the proper cushioning materials, sensitivity to vibration and shock while some other important details are also taken into consideration. The design of the custom crate depends on the item you are transporting, and its weight and fragility are essential factors. Once the custom box or crate is produced, your item will withstand any ordeal and stay undamaged.

      Protect the items that are valuable and important to you and call My International Movers to agree on the crate design. We are looking forward to your call!

      Custom crating process

      Our moving team will, together with you, decide which items will be shipped in specially designed crates. Our experts will do an evaluation after they come to your house. You can even schedule an in-home estimate that is free. That way you will know the price in advance. Our representatives will take dimensions of your valuables. After that, they will start designing wooden crates. It will have two layers of protection – the soft and hard one. Besides that, the item will be immobilized inside it. The object has to be completely fixed in order to block every movement. The price of custom crating depends on many factors that is why the best way to find out is to call My International Movers. It will certainly pay off because even your most delicate items will be completely secured.

      Do you need this type of service?

      The members of our moving team are experienced and professional. They have been helping people move to all parts of the world for years. Once they come to your address they will easily pack all your belongings, like they have done it hundreds of times so far. They know how to wrap and each item appropriately and they know that some items need special care. Some objects need custom crating service. Those things are for example expensive artwork, sculptures, valuable china sets or similar glassware, antique furniture and mirrors, pricey chandeliers, wine bottles, and maybe even some electronic equipment. If you have something that is very dear to you and you think it needs additional protection, please do tell our movers.

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