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My International Moving guarantees the safe arrival of your oversized freight to the destination of your choice.

      What if your items are oversized? We offer the best international freight options to any country in the world, regardless of your item’s size. Sometimes an item just won’t fit in a standard steel shipping container, and may require a bit of special care and attention. Yachts, helicopters, busses, speed boats, and larger items will all generally be classified as oversized for your international shipping needs. We handle all freight and difficult to ship items with expertise. It is our promise to you that the arrival of your oversized freight will be overseen with the utmost care.

      How are Boats Shipped with Oversized Freight?

      Boats and other sea vessels are commonly shipped using the RO-RO (Roll On, Roll Off) shipping method. RO-RO is normally a less expensive solution to shipping overseas your oversized freight compared to a single container.

      Your boat will be professionally secured and prepared for international shipping while on the vessel, ensuring its safety during international relocation. It is our promise that your boat will be protected at all times during its overseas journey!

      What is the Shipping Process for Oversized Freight?

      Once we confirm your service preference, we collect your freight at terminal and begin to secure it for shipping. The process is quite simple and easy.

      What is the Shipping Cost for Oversized Freight?

      Oversized freight international shipping costs are calculated from the overall size of the item to be shipped. When your freight has been transported to the ship it will be travelling on, a final measurement will take place. Your final cost will be based on that last measurement.

      How do you transport Jet Skis?

      After your Jet Ski has been prepared for transport inside of its shipping container, it is considered ready to be transported internationally. It will be shipped to port, and checked once by a United States customs agent. When it is approved, we will ship it out at the first available opportunity, to your destination country. Price is determined by the size of your Jet Ski, and your selected shipping service.

      What is the shipping procedure for Motorcycles?

      Our international moving company moves motorcycles quickly and reliably. First, we place your motorcycle in a protective crate, and prepare it for international transportation inside of its shipping container. Once it is ready, it is transported to port to be inspected by a United States customs officer. Once approved, it will be sent immediately to your destination country.  We are the right choice for international vehicle shipments.

      Price will be determined by the motorcycle’s size, and your chosen service for international shipping. We can also accommodate vans, SUVs, trucks and more with our custom high car decks.

      Why shouldn’t I use my vehicle as a Shipping Container?

      We recommend you never use your car as a shipping container for your personal items. The following is a list of reasons why this is a poor idea.

      • Declaring the contents of your vehicle at customs is a must in order to be granted entry. If you fail to declare properly, your car and all of its contents could be seized by a customs agent.
      • If your car is used to transport illegal narcotics internationally, you may incur personal penalties along with your car being seized.
      • Personal items left in your car risk being stolen during loading, unloading, or transit.
      • Most shipping companies simply will refuse to accept your car if it contains any of your personal items.

      Why Choose My International Movers?

      The choice is quite clear that you should choose My International Movers as your international shipping company. When you are seeking immediate oversized international freight shipping there is no one more dedicated to your satisfaction in the industry. We strive to be and maintain ourselves as an industry leading international moving company. There is nothing is too big or too oddly shaped for our international household good movers. My International Movers is fully, licensed bonded and insured.

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