Daisy Wilson How-to October 11, 2021

How to Move Abroad – Everything You Should Know About Moving Internationally From the US

Moving overseas is difficult. Still, some nine to ten million Americans did it and now live outside their homeland. With a good plan and strategy in place, you will learn how to move abroad and make this transition without unnecessary stress.

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Gemma Collins Living Abroad October 7, 2021

Culture Shock is a Real Thing – What Can You Expect in Different Countries

No matter where you move, you’re bound to experience a culture shock. Some traditions will feel completely different from everything you’re used to, but it’s essential to learn how to deal with those differences. Read about some of the more interesting global customs and what to do in those situations.

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Julie Grace How-to September 7, 2021

How to Move Overseas – The Ultimate Expat Guide Every American Needs

When you decide it’s the right moment to move, there are many questions you need to answer. Knowing how to move overseas is a challenging task, and it requires a good organization. The important thing to know is that you’re not alone in this whole process because more than 9 million Americans live abroad. We all want some change in our lives, and living internationally may be the best choice to change the routine.

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Moving Day Preparation – How to Be Ready When International Movers Arrive

Each move is different, but some things stay the same. Whether you’re going to live in the next town, or you’re moving internationally, an excellent moving day preparation will make the whole process easier. You’ll still have to do some chores, but being well organized will allow you to tackle it like a pro.

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Living in Hawaii – 6 Things to Know Before Moving

Breathtaking nature alongside unique culture and inexhaustible sources for outdoor activities have created a widespread dream of experiencing what it’s like living in Hawaii. However, things are not always as they seem, and we often fail to realize that this state is not an actual paradise but a real place with advantages and disadvantages. Discover them all before you decide if the Aloha State really suits you.

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The Ultimate List of What to Pack When Moving Abroad

It isn’t easy to decide what to pack when moving abroad, and taking everything you own is neither time- nor cost-effective. This is why you require a good checklist before packing your home items. Avoid taking too much or too few things by using our ultimate list of what to bring with you on an expat journey.

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The Best Tips for Learning a New Language After Moving Abroad

Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic, as a famous wizard once said. But, how to approach the unknown after international moving and enter the process of learning and creation? With our tips for learning a new language, you’ll get a clue as to where to seek inspiration and how to come a step closer to achieving mastery of your target speech.

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The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist for Newbie Expats – the 2021 Edition

If you’re about to set sail for your new home in another country, you’re probably overwhelmed as there are so many things to think about simultaneously. But, a moving abroad checklist can help you beat stress and start getting things done. Piling up ideas in your head can make you feel exhausted, but getting them on paper or your computer can have the exact opposite effect. Stick around to see what newbie expats should know.

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Can You Make It in The Six? Here’s All You Should Know About Toronto Cost of Living

Once you’ve decided to move to Canada, you should explore what city will be the most convenient to your needs and most suitable in terms of expenses. For this reason, we decided to present you in detail with a Toronto cost of the living guide and all the great perspectives this city has to offer.

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Blake Shaw Living Abroad April 29, 2021

The Ultimate List of Best Places to Live in Canada for US Expats

Since it provides great emigration conditions, CA presents a perfect choice for expats, so the toughest decision to make is deciding what are the best places to live in Canada. Canada is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world that is providing immigrant visas equally for workers, students, or families.

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