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      When it comes to relocating your car, there is a way to do it that won’t cause a headache. Our reputable moving company provides international car shipping services that won’t break the bank and will get your car wherever you want in the safest way possible. So, keep reading to find out more about the ways in which we can help you get your car exactly where it needs to be.

      Why Is It a Good Idea to Obtain International Car Shipping Services?

      Many people are skeptical when it comes to purchasing a service like car shipping. Given how expensive it is to buy a car, maintain it in good condition, let alone drive it on a daily basis, we understand why many wouldn’t feel comfortable letting someone else take control over their car. However, it seems that sitting behind a steering wheel in the middle of a moving international adventure isn’t the best alternative either.

      Shipping Cars Overseas Is the Safest Way to Transport Vehicles Across Borders

      Driving night and day across state borders can be a dangerous undertaking in the middle of a move. Actually, statistics show that among all the driving incidents, distracted driving is the most common source of accidents, even when compared to drunk driving, speeding, and other major driving accident causes. And don’t think that distracted driving implicates only the use of electronic devices, although preparing a move will have many people driving and talking. Rather, the real cause of a large number of these incidents is the driver having their mind on something entirely else.

      Because moving overseas is already a stressful and tiring endeavor, it is not advised to drive whilst this quantity of stress. The safest and thus best route a driver can take amidst an international move is that which is not walked (or steered) alone. Although many are vary about letting others take control of their car, there are so many people who realize the merits of hiring an overseas moving company to help them out not just with the relocation of their home inventory but their garage inventory as well.

      Is It Worth Hiring an International Moving Company for Auto Shipping?

      Another reason because of which people avoid hiring professionals for auto shipping is the fear it will bleed their piggy bank dry. Many think that this type of service is more of a luxury than an actual requirement, however – most people are wrong. First of all, leaning on the previously mentioned road accident statistics, let us say that there is nothing more precious than life, which can be endangered while driving. And even if the topic of discussion is finances as such, we can do a little calculation for you.

      When you add up all the expenses of driving, including the gas needed to cross the miles between your former and future home, you’ll see that such expenses make up a relevant sum of money – one which shouldn’t be neglected. When you compare these costs to the cost of hiring a reputable relocation company, you will realize that they are not as small as you might have expected.

      It seems that the idea that driving your own car is more affordable is not so close to reality when you include all the factors and get the real numbers. So, why increase the mileage on your car and put yourself in the danger of driving while tired when you can ship your car safely with a reputable mover? That is to say that, yes, hiring professionals is always worth it.

      How Do My International Movers Determine the Cost of Vehicle Shipping?

      Most of our customers want to know how much does hiring an overseas shipping company actually cost and how are the fees calculated? The thing is – we can’t give you a one-size-fits-all type of price. Actually, if you run into a shipping company that gives you a price right off the bat, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. Because this is a clear sign, you may be dealing with a scammer at worst, or at least with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing – at best.

      Given that the transportation options are tailored to customers’ needs and budget, the costs vary as well, based on the specificities of the move. However, all that information is easily available to you if you request a quote. It is worth noting that we always try to provide customers with the best and most affordable assistance, so even if you are transporting your auto on a budget, we’ll make sure the obtained service is as convenient and budget-friendly for you as possible. We recommend calling us up or contacting us via email to get your quote and plan to get your car shipped as soon as possible.

      car shipping

      Free Quote for Shipping Overseas Your Car Is Just One Phone Call Away

      The thing is, transporting vehicles abroad is not a simple procedure, and there are many factors that make up the move, and consequently, the final price. We pride ourselves on having a transparent and straightforward pricing system. Things like the carrier options as well as delivery location, the distance of the move, and vehicle dimension are just some of the main factors that will make up the final bill.

      So you see – although we are unable to give you a price by heart, that doesn’t mean that our pricing system is ambiguous. Actually, you can and will get a free and extremely detailed quote for the transport of your vehicles with just one phone call. Whether you have just one or several vehicles you need to be shipped, we can help you find the most convenient solution.

      Choose a Transportation Option That Corresponds to Your Needs and Budget

      Getting your car shipped requires placing the vehicle in a trailer. No one will be steering your wheel or driving the car over to your future home – that would defeat the purpose. Rather, we’ll place your auto on the carrier and transport it that way to the nearest port. From there, it all depends on your final destination. For more information on what the shipment process looks like and what carrier options are available within our offer, contact us in correspondence with your schedule via phone or email.

      We Provide the Best Available Service, and the Most Trusty of Drivers

      Judging by the reviews we’ve received for each and every assistance type we provide, it’s safe to say that we provide satisfactory services. This can also be seconded by the fact that our customers stay loyal and, once they’ve moved with us, they keep coming back each time a move is underway in their lives. That is not only because we take our clients and their needs seriously, but also because we provide your cars with maximum security and attention during the transport.

      Unlike most other relocation companies, we have a near spotless resume and can guarantee that your car will reach its final destination without even a scratch on it. Our professional and friendly customer support team will gladly assist you in any other way they can, like explaining the safest transportation methods, helping you make a decision that would suit you, as well as informing you of any rules and regulations that may be of importance to you.


      What Are Some Relevant Information to Know Before Shipping Your Vehicle?

      When it comes to car shipping from the USA, there are a few common questions that people ask, which will help you save time and effort down the road. Here is some information we think you may find relevant:

      • You shouldn’t check with the chosen company if it is allowed to keep some items in your car during transportation.
      • Your fuel tank should be less than a quarter full.
      • You will have to provide the US Port of Entry required documentation at least 72 hours prior to transport.
      • You’ll have to provide them with the proof of ownership, a Certificate of Title, and a filled out US Customs & Border Protection Vehicle Export Cover Sheet.
      • If your auto hasn’t been completely paid off, you’ll still be able to ship it off.

      Considering Relocation?

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      Your Car Will Be Shipped in the Fastest Possible Time Span, Allowing You to Continue Your Daily Tasks Uninterrupted

      When one is planning their relocation, a very important thing to know is how many days it will take to ship your vehicle. And although we will be able to tell you direct and definite information only after we’ve gathered all the relevant details about your shipment, what we can tell you for certain right now is that generally, the average time it takes for auto transport is about a month.

      Still, it all depends on the location of your final destination, starting point, season, and many other factors, which is why we strongly advise you to contact us with all the details, and we will find you the fastest possible solution.

      Leave Extra Time to Gather All the Necessary Documents and Licenses

      In the month or a few more days that we need to get the job done, we will do everything that is our part of the job: the loading and unloading of the vehicle, the shipment, as well as customs clearance, and everything else that is up to us.

      We do recommend taking into consideration the amount of time required to prepare your car’s documentation and licenses. It is ideal to leave a week for this endeavor, just in case you have to renew any information. To fill out all the documents successfully, you’ll require the following:

      • Your driver’s license,
      • Your passport,
      • Your phone number, addresses, and email address of the company and yourself,
      • The model, make, year of your car, as well as it’s vehicle identification number (VIN),
      • Proof of ownership, bill of sale, or notarized lien authorization,
      • Payment information.

      Besides that, we also recommend you clean your car thoroughly, check all compartments, and do a general check-up at your local car service.

      Book the Service in Advance, in Relation to Your After-Move Plans

      Additionally, if you think you’ll need your auto at your disposal as soon as you move, we recommend booking transportation with us a few months prior to relocation. For any further information on what documentation, licenses, and papers you’ll have to get ready to transport your vehicle at once, contact our customer service. They’ll let you know about everything you may need to know.

      Contact My International Movers Today to Ship Your Car Overseas Easily and Smoothly

      Now that you know all there is to know about getting your cars overseas, it’s time to start the process. Contact us today to obtain a free quote and get all the billing information on this service. And just like that, you’ll obtain the best service, knowing that your auto will be in safe hands. The best thing is – we are just one phone call or an email away.

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