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      When you start planning an international relocation, you will face many challenges – organizing a move abroad is never easy. One of the biggest issues will undoubtedly be packing and shipping your belongings. How to protect them adequately and safely get them to your new home? Our moving insurance coverage is the answer to all your problems. Let’s see what kind of policies are offered by our overseas shipping company and what will work best for you.

      Moving Insurance – What Is It and How Does It Help Customers?

      Insurance for moving companies is a form of protection for your items during overseas shipping – it ensures that you’re compensated for any damage inflicted while your belongings were in the care of relocation companies. If you want to have your stuff protected, having a policy that will cover everything is the only idea that makes sense. Why stress over lost or damaged things and the additional cost of the move when you can pay for insurance and enjoy the experience of moving abroad with one of the top-rated relocation companies out there?

      Protect the Belongings You Value With Our Moving Insurance

      My International Movers can offer you a variety of policies to cover every single item you want to ship abroad to your new home. Things you value need protection, no matter how experienced and trustworthy your movers are. Sure, movers from our company are excellent, but you never know what can happen during a move that’s out of their hands. So, remember the saying – better safe than sorry. That’s why insuring your things is a crucial step before the move.

      Mandatory Liability Coverage Is an Unavoidable Part of International Moving

      One of the essential services you will get when you book our relocation company is mandatory liability coverage. As the name suggests, you are obligated to have it, and the policy covers 60 cents per pound. Mandatory liability coverage applies to all of your belongings, regardless of who they were packed by – you, our movers, or another company. This is something you can’t move without.

      So, this basic service will cover your items, but it won’t provide complete protection – in cases of damage, you could still have some financial losses because the cost of buying new items could be greater than the policy that will be paid. This is why mandatory liability coverage is not always enough, and you must explore additional policies. Luckily, we have what you need – keep reading to find out about other coverage options we offer.

      Full Value Replacement Is One of the Best Policies

      For a small additional cost, My International Movers can provide you with a full value replacement policy that will offer protection in case of damage to the items packed by our movers. This is one of the best coverage options when relocating long-distance to a new home, especially abroad. In addition to having better protection for things you value, you can get our movers and packers to take care of every detail of your move. We will pack your belongings carefully and make sure they are so well-protected that nothing can damage them on their long journey to a new destination.

      The only thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that you have to provide the relocation company with a household inventory list, where you’ll explain in detail which stuff from your home you wish to have packed and how we should separate them into boxes. This is a standard that all best relocation companies have. It’s always less stressful for a customer to let us handle the packing and have their things insured – the cost of coverage is irrelevant compared to the cost of losing your stuff if you don’t cover them adequately.

      Third-Party Insurance – Useful for Protecting Your Most Valuable Items

      Everybody has a few things in their home that have significant meaning and are extremely valuable. It’s reasonable to think that they deserve a bit of extra protection, don’t you agree? That’s where third-party insurance comes to the stage – with one of the top policies out there, you can be sure that in the unlikely case of something going wrong, you will be fairly compensated for your losses. If you choose this option, remember that the things covered by it need to be packed with our custom crating service (which comes with a separate fee).

      Reach Out to Our Relocation Business for Anything Related to Your Move – We Are Here to Help

      Having a reputable and trustworthy relocation business by your side when relocating overseas is of the utmost importance. The whole process of preparing for a move is always stressful, no matter the distance you’ll move to, but when we’re talking about international relocations, things are even more complicated. So, one of the first things you should do once you decide to move your home to another country is hire professionals like My International Movers – that’s a safe way to ensure your relocation will go as planned and without any problems.

      We can provide you with every relocation service in the book and make sure that your move goes smoothly. When you add our excellent policies to the equation, it’s clear that the move will be effortless and efficient. Why waste any more time – contact us today and book the perfect relocation crew for your upcoming international relocation adventure. We’re excited to be a part of such an exciting experience in your life!

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