Moving internationally on a short notice

After living in the same location for many years, you made a bold decision to move abroad. You are leaving your hometown and moving to some city overseas. Moving internationally is complicated and it requires a lot of time, but what if it happens suddenly? You will have to find a way to deal with it. Don’t look for help at the wrong places. Although your friends are willing to help you, you will just waste the little time you have because everything will probably end up in chaos. You need professional help from a licensed moving company. However, finding one is not easy because there are so many companies at the market right now. But if you are looking for a reliable team of experts that are capable of organizing your move according to your schedule, you need My International Movers.

We admit that it is not easy to organize everything on a short notice, but since we treat our customers as our priorities we will do it for you. Once you tell us the details of your move, we will be able to put together a moving checklist that will meet your needs.  A moving plan is a must especially if we don’t have much time on our hands. It won’t e easy, but if we do it together, we will manage to successfully finish your international relocation.


As soon as you schedule your moving date start organizing your things for packing. First of all, divide the things that you will need for the first few weeks. You will put them in your personal luggage. The rest is going to be shipped. Be sure to check the weather forecast since you are moving to some country overseas. While packing the other things from your household, you have to be cautious. You are having your belongings shipped to another country, which means that transportation will last long. The objects have to be properly wrapped, padded and fastened. My International Movers can provide you with all sort of moving materials and kits. There is no need to look for moving boxes when you can contact us. And if you change your mind about packing on your own, feel free to choose our packing service.

Storing your items

It is very likely that you will have to move your things into storage facilities until you move them into your new apartment. Contact My International Movers whether you need storage for a long or short term. After we see how many boxes and things you have, we will establish how much space you need. Call us to secure enough number of storage units because you will certainly need them.

Handle the utilities

People get carried away because there are so many tasks to be done that they forget about the bills and utilities. You need to take care of them as soon as possible since your moving day is getting closer. Contact the companies whose services you use and inform them when you are leaving.

For more useful details visit this website and contact My International Movers.