We offer an array of services including 30 days of free storage.

International moving is complicated, and there are just so many possessions you need to pack and transport to the new country. You will have to plan everything carefully, but sometimes, even when you organize your tasks, unexpected things happen, and you will have to improvise and find a solution quickly. Perhaps, during the move, you will have to transport your things to a certain place and from there take them into your new home. My International Movers is the company which primary goal is to keep the clients happy, and over the years, we have realized that storage units could be a life-saver.

It is not uncommon that your new place isn’t ready for you to move in, or the transition is taking longer than you thought it would. In that case, it is tricky to call your friends to help you out will so many possessions you have. You don’t want to bother them when you can contact our company and store your belongings with us. My International Movers are here for whatever you need, and we can store your stuff until it is good to go again.

Our storage space is climate-controlled which means that you can put all kinds of items in there without any worry that something will happen to them. Moreover, we offer free storage for the first month, but if you need one longer than that, all you have to do is call our company, and one of our friendly representatives will explain to you what your next step is. Your things will be protected, waiting for the move. Another excellent thing about the storage is that after that free month, you pay only for the units you are using, which means that you will not be charged for the space you didn’t use. With My International Movers, there are no hidden costs, and you will know the price of the service on time.

If there are items which you cannot pack at the moment, and you don’t plan to move them with you instantly, you don’t have to worry about it. Call us, and we are going to send the professionals to you who are going to bring the moving supplies, pack the items carefully and store them for you. Your things can stay with us for as long as you need. Just in case, you should always give us a call, and we will leave the space for you in our storage facility.

Contact My International Movers and store your items safely!