8 things to help you decide whether you should live in the city or live in the suburbs

Maybe you have grown tired of your busy lifestyle and full schedule. Or get annoyed by the non-stop noise, persistent odd smells, and bright and flashing lights in the city. Or you might have become fed up with the traffic jams, parking issues, and overcrowded streets. Or, you just want more space, greener surroundings, or better schooling.Here are 8 things to help you decide whether you should live in the city or live in the suburbs!


Moving to the suburbs might sound like the perfect solution, there is affordable housing, low crime rate, high-performing school districts, an ideal alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city.


As appealing as such a lifestyle appears to be, it is not for everybody, those who love the vibrancy of the big city might find suburban living inconvenient, dull, and lacking in opportunities.


Therefore, if you are thinking of moving from the city and heading to the suburbs, you have to be well aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of living there, only when you know what you can expect and what challenges you are going to face will you be able to make the correct decision for you and your family.


Here are 8 things to help you decide whether you should live in the city or live in the suburbs:

Housing options

While living in a small city apartment might be convenient enough for singles and young couples, but large families need a lot more space. And the suburbs provide an ample amount of space, big houses with large outdoor areas at affordable prices.


The chance to buy or rent a spacious home with a big yard for about the same amount of money they are paying for a tiny downtown apartment is one of the biggest attractions for urban families who have spent their young adult years living in bustling cities to move to the suburbs when they have children.


So, if you have several children, moving to the suburbs may be your chance to create your dream home, a beautiful house with lots of rooms and enough personal space for everyone, a charming garden, plenty of storage space, etc.


Remember that a large home requires a lot of furnishings and décor and needs a lot of maintenance. Besides, the bills are likely to be higher, and the taxes might be higher as well. So, when moving to the suburbs, make sure that you consider the amount of space you actually need and get the right sized home for your family.

Commute time

Commuting in the cities is supposed to be short due to the short distances. Yet, traffic and congestion often create long and stressful commutes in the urban areas.


There is no doubt that commuting to the city from the suburbs will be longer and more tiresome, especially if there are no convenient transportation options available.


So, if you intend to keep your job in the city after moving to the suburbs, you need to consider the commute time seriously. Check out the bus and train schedules, road traffic conditions, and other relevant factors. If possible, choose a suburb that is not more than an hour away from your workplace, see if you can take a bus or train to the city or will have to drive every day, find out where the train station is and how long it would take you to get there, etc.

School options

Suburbs generally have better-rated public schools than large cities, so if educational opportunities are a concern for your family, relocating to the suburbs might be the right thing to do, in fact, the excellent school districts in thriving suburbs are one of the main reasons to move to the suburbs.


Be sure though to thoroughly research the suburbs school system before deciding where to relocate, everyone’s definition of a great school is different, so what others consider an excellent educational institution may not be right for you. For instance, a school with strict discipline and a rigorous curriculum that focuses exclusively on test scores may not be a right fit for a creative, freethinking child with an artistic aptitude.


You want to find a school that provides the services and educational opportunities that meet your family’s needs, whether it is specialized education, a more personal approach, or a robust arts or sports program, not just any high-performing school. Even if your kid is still a toddler, think about what high school district you would want them to attend and choose what suburb to relocate to accordingly.


The available childcare options in the suburbs are another essential thing to consider before heading out of the city. There are many things that you have to take into account when deciding on how to handle the situation, should you hire a nanny to take care of the children, make use of a daycare center or stay at home and see to raising them yourself.


The childcare situation in the suburbs will have a significant impact on your lifestyle, so you have to find a place that can meet your circumstances and requirements.


Those living in the city are used to having access to all kinds of services and facilities available at any time, being just a quick phone order or a short walk away. In the suburbs, however, things are a little different:


  • You might need to drive to the nearest grocery store, and you might not be able to get the brands you like in the local stores.
  • There might not be a club or a sports center in the vicinity where you can practice some of the more specialized hobbies.
  • You might not be able to get a meal after 10 pm or refill your tank if your car runs out of gas after midnight.
  • Deliveries might cost more than in the city.
  • Services may be limited and less reliable, your internet connection might not be as stable or fast as it might be in the city, it might be difficult to find a specialist quickly if you need something fixed, etc.

To bridge the distance between urban and suburban lifestyles more efficiently, you might want to relocate to a suburb that has a town center with a cluster of shops and restaurants and provides plenty of amenities to its residents.

Entertainment options

Finding something fun to do in the suburbs is a little more difficult than in the city. There is not a whole lot of possibilities as soon as you walk out of the door, entertainment options are somewhat limited and include outdoor activities and community gatherings rather than exciting nightlife and amazing cultural events.


Therefore, many people from the city might find suburban life boring and miss the many diverse entertainment venues and the colorful vibrancy of the cities. This fact alone might cause many to regret moving to the suburbs and giving up all the excitement and convenience of living in the city.

Social life

Suburbs are famous for their strong community spirit, and people are kind, friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand if necessary. Your new neighbors will give you a warm welcome and will gladly help you in any that way they can. You are likely to make more friends within a couple of months in the suburbs than you have made all your life in the city.


Yet, it is also possible that you may have a lack of privacy in such a close-knit community and might find your neighbors meddling and annoying. Besides, living in the suburbs might make you feel like you are isolated from the rest of the world, as all your friends will be far away and your social life will be noticeably diminished.


When it comes to urban and suburban living, the differences go beyond the cost of housing and daily commutes. Suburban life is safer as the crime rate in the suburbs is much lower than in the big cities, healthier, as life is greener in the suburbs and less stressful, as you will be far away from the city lights, horns, crowds, schedules and big expectations.

Life in the big city, on the other hand, is colorful, vibrant, and dynamic. It provides plenty of opportunities and excitement, from lucrative careers and endless entertainment options to a stimulating multicultural environment and individual daily experiences.


All in all, we hope that these 8 things to help you decide whether you should live in the city or live in the suburbs. Both have pros and cons, and the peaceful lifestyle is one of the most significant benefits of moving to the suburbs. Yet, you need to be sure that you will not be nostalgic for your previous colorful, hectic life before making the final decision to move. If you do need help moving to your new city, then look no further than My International Movers, which is one of the best moving companies in the country that can help you to move to and from anywhere in the world.