International Moving To Australia

Australia (aka Down Under) is the 6th largest country in the world. Australia is a geographically and culturally diverse nation; it holds a rich history of the Aborigines (the indigenous people).

All of the continent is covered by a variety of landscapes such as desert, coral reefs, forest, etc. A wide array of animals also inhabit the land including crocodiles, koalas, and kangaroos. Australis truly has much to offer!

Some more fun facts: Australia is known for its beaches. World class surfers and divers congregate in the great Down Under. A large percentage of people live along the coast, but you can always leave the coast and travel inland where you can seek solitude for a slow, easy going life. Many people take cross-country road trips and camp out all around the country. And because it is so close to Asia, you will find a diverse food culture, especially when it comes to wines.

Australia is probably one of our most common destinations when it comes to shipping from the USA. Many people move for work, school, reuniting families, or sporting opportunities and here at My International Movers, we seek to make your move across the ocean quick and painless. We pack all of your belongings for you, protect each and every one of your valued possessions, and we guarantee that our destination agents in Australia will treat you with the best customer service. We also offer insurance options to cover any accidents – although rare – on water or ground.

Australia really isn’t that far away. You can expect deliveries in 4-6 weeks for a full container, 6-12 weeks if using a grouped container. No matter the case, we will always be on top of your shipment from pickup to delivery.

Our professional movers will take care of you and your belongings, whether you’re moving to Australia for a year, a few months, your retirement, or just moving back home.