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How Do You Move to Another Country

Eva Johnson September 26, 2019
Posted September 26, 2019 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

You may be struggling with the question of how do you move to another country, especially if you are not familiar with traveling abroad, let alone relocating and residing there. But, a little planning, preparing, and research can take you a long way.

When traveling internationally, you obviously have more steps and procedures to take and requirements to fulfill, starting from getting a visa, which can sometimes be a strenuous activity. But nothing is impossible and you may find the effort very rewarding in the long run.

How Do You Move to Another Country – the Essentials

The most important step about moving abroad is research. First, you have to surf the Internet and explore every aspect of life in a country of your choice. Inquire about everything – starting from the living conditions and costs, language barrier (unless you are going to an English-speaking country), visa requirements, employment opportunities, local currency and people, culture, and tradition. It will help you decide if this is the best time to move and to make this potentially life-changing step.

Job availability should be on the top of your priority list unless you are lucky to move for a position waiting for you already.

Improve Your Finances

Start saving money way before moving out of your home, even if it’s in small amounts. After a year, it will sum up to solid savings. Then, consider getting an additional source of income, maybe even an online, part-time employment. Cut down on nightlife expenses and entertainment. Do more cooking at home. Organize a garage sale to sell all the cluttered stuff you never use to earn some cash and reduce your relocation expenses.

Prepare a Budget

Relocation is a costly adventure and even more so if you are moving outside the US. Bulky things are particularly expensive to ship, so think about selling them instead. Keep only the items with sentimental value and buy new things when you arrive. Be realistic about the stuff you want to move from your home. Obviously, it is cheaper if you are not crossing the ocean as you can transport your belongings by trucks.

Packing Items

When you consider international shipping options, including overseas vehicle shipping, remember that shipping things by sea is much slower than moving by air and the costs are also different. You have to scale down on all unnecessary things. Your priorities are essentials, documents, and items with a sentimental background. Everything else is replaceable.

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Secure Housing

It is prudent to search for accommodation before leaving. It is much easier with the new networking options, but you can also rely on your friends or relatives for advice. But even if you do not manage to find the place in advance, you can still find a temporary place to live in.

Going to Germany or Spain – Prepare for Europe

When choosing a state in Europe, you have to bear in mind the diversity of cultures and languages in this continent and different rules and regulations. Most of them require proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay. Also, the job opportunities differ but generally, it is not that easy to find a good position. The costs of living are also different from country to country, so do your research. Remember that you need to apply for a visa at least six months in advance. US citizens are usually allowed a 90-day stay without a visa, but it also depends on the purpose of your stay.

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and as such, it is an interesting place to move to if you are looking for a job or a new chapter in your life. After five consecutive years of temporary residency, you can apply for permanent residency. And after eight years of permanent residency, you can apply for citizenship, but without the possibility of dual citizenship.

Meanwhile, Spain is a Mediterranean nation with an easygoing mentality you may find too laid-back. Rents and living costs are low as compared to some other European countries.

Best Method for Going to Europe

The cheapest way to transport your stuff to Europe is definitely by sea, but know that your things will take quite a while to reach one of the European countries. Air transport is much faster, but the price is considerably higher.

As far as your traveling arrangement is concerned, it would be wise to book a flight ticket at the right, specific time, when the prices are lower. A general rule states that seven weeks in advance is the best time to buy a cheaper ticket.

Prepare for China and the Rest of Asia

Being highly competitive in the world of economy, China and Asia generally are attractive destinations. However, there is a huge difference in culture and tradition, which poses a certain barrier. Furthermore, preparations must start several months in advance due to complex immigration regulations.

How to Deal With the New Environment

Chinese culture promotes and emphasizes building and maintaining relationships, so making friends with the local people, as well as with other expats that live there is essential. It will give you the right perspective of Chinese society which differs widely from the US. Language basics are important since a large proportion of the people there doesn’t speak English.

Get Ready for the Land Down Under – Australia

Even though it is a whole Pacific Ocean away from the US, Australia has a similar living standard and a shared language. It needs professionals and workers with various skills and investors, especially for remote and rural areas. If traveling on a sponsored work visa, you can apply for permanent resident status immediately and for citizenship after four consecutive years, with dual citizenship options.

Inform Yourself About Living and Working Conditions

The best option is to try to travel short-term just to get a sense of how it is to live there and have your belongings delivered by air or sea when you decide to stay permanently. You will surely assimilate in no time.


Important Things to Know When Moving Abroad

Before you move abroad, inform yourself about currency stability to make sure you are not at a loss. Also inquire about new career opportunities, salaries, conditions and costs of living. And make sure to get proper packing supplies, and book a time when your movers can come pack and move your belongings. And while waiting to move into your new home, you can keep your belongings safe in storage.

Money and Currency Issues

Knowing the stability of the local currency may help you earn some money if you exchange it at the right time or lose if you are not careful.

Finding Work

If you do your research to find out which jobs are in demand, you’ll find work much faster. There are specialized international recruiters you can contact or professional employment service or you can even post on a job board or work online. Make sure you get enough information in advance to help you negotiate better conditions.

Getting Settled In

Learn about the basic conditions in advance, as it will ease the process of adjustment to the new environment. Find out information on transportation, healthcare, banking, local taxes, general expenses, cultural differences, etc.



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