How to handle large furniture during relocation

One of the most time-consuming and demanding processes during relocation is packing. Let’s face it – no one enjoys the packing process. It’s tiring, boring and extremely time-consuming. And just when you thought that packing can’t get any worse, there is a ton of furniture that needs to be packed and loaded up onto the moving truck. Moving large and heavy furniture is not an easy job – it requires extra safety precautions and strength! If you want to make your life easier and learn what the best ways to handle oversized furniture are, continue reading our blog! We will give you many useful tips to moving and packing large pieces of furniture.

1: Think about your safety before you begin

        Before you begin doing anything, it is important to remember that this is not an easy task. In fact, moving large furniture is not only boring – it may be dangerous too! This is why you need to take extra precautions when dealing with such large items. Start with a simple pair of protective gloves. You wouldn’t want your hands to get injured or cut while handling large furniture. Other useful things that you may want to invest in are dollies, which come in very handy for moving furniture around. Take into consideration any other things you may need for handling oversized furniture and then you can begin the actual packing process!

2: How to carry all of your furniture outside of your home

        The first step to packing all of your furniture and loading in onto a moving truck is actually taking everything outside. This is probably the most difficult part and where dollies come in really handy. Also, make sure to have at least a couple of friends over for this task. It is virtually impossible to do on your own without causing any serious damage to your surroundings and your back! Let’s get to the main part – how to actually carry things outside. We will start with tall items, such as tall dressers, filing cabinets, or shelving. This is usually a two-person job. All of these tall items should be carried high and low. Tip the furniture backward, so that it’s at an angle. Let one person carry the top, while the other can carry the bottom of the furniture piece. By doing so, you will center the weight properly and keep it from swinging out of balance and control. If you also have stairs, don’t worry. Carrying the furniture downstairs or upstairs will be easier too because of the angle in which the furniture is – it will roughly match the slope of the stairs. When it comes to large chairs, the best method to use is the “hook” method. This is also a two-person job. One person can carry the top of the chair, while the other one carries the bottom. The first thing that you need to do is turn the chair on its side, so that it looks like the letter “L”. Move its back through the door first and then curl it (hook it) around the door frame in order to slip it through. Remember to use shoulder dollies for any furniture that is extremely difficult to move around. The shoulder dollies are a great option because they leave your hands free to do something else while they take the weight off your back, relying on leverage and large muscle groups!

3: Remember to protect your furniture along the way

It is very easy to get some of your furniture damaged by bumping it into the wall or the doorframe. This is why it’s important to protect it before you start moving it! The best way to protect your furniture is by using blankets and plastic. Wrap the furniture completely into the blankets and secure them with a clean film or plastic wrap. This will prevent damaging the finish and fragile edges of dressers, tables and any other expensive and fancy furniture.

4: Take apart anything that can be dismantled

        People often forget that their furniture can actually be dismantled and taken apart. This makes it so much easier to move everything around. Just make sure that the furniture can be safely taken apart before you attempt to do anything in order to prevent any breaking or damage. If you’re moving a sofa, remember that you can probably remove its feet and therefore make it a few inches smaller. Also, don’t forget to take off any and all knobs, drawers, shelves, racks and legs from furniture that allows it.

5: Hire a packing crew!

        Are you still struggling with your bulky furniture? Why not hire a packing crew! This is the safest way to handle your packing process – simply let the professionals handle it! A packing crew is experienced and capable of doing all of these things professionally and safely. They can dismantle and later reassemble anything that you might need. Also, they are equipped with the necessary safety materials and equipment which will protect both your furniture and them. My International Movers offer their packing services at very affordable prices. Our representative team will be more than happy to provide you with more information – all you need to do is to just give us a ring! Make your life easier by hiring one of the best moving crew in the nation. With us, the packing process will be easy, as well as time and cost efficient!