Quick Guide to Finding the Best Jobs in Canada as an American

Did you know that the US and Canada share the longest bi-national border in the world? But this is not the only thing these two nations have in common. They also share the same language, culture, and a similar lifestyle. So, if you’re looking to work abroad, searching for jobs in Canada sounds like a reasonable plan.

That being said, if you’re moving to Canada, known as one of the best countries to live in the world, you should know that getting a position here might be tricky for expats. If you don’t fall under certain skilled occupations that don’t require a work permit or aren’t married to a permanent resident or a citizen, you’ll probably need a job offer from a Canadian employer to work in the so-called Great White North.

But, before you make a final decision, let’s see what preliminary steps you should take to get a job you’ve always wanted and what the job opportunities for foreigners in Canada are at all.

What You Should Know About Jobs in Canada in General

Luckily, there are plenty of positions you can apply for, and the process of securing one is reasonably straightforward, assuming you fulfill all the legal requirements for working in the Great White North in the first place. Apart from an appropriate work permit, you should hold particular skills and experience that can grant you better chances of landing a job.

If you’re a highly qualified worker, there are many employment options to look forward to, such as software developers or mechanical engineers. Other industries that should be your field of interest are manufacturing, communications, and real estate.

There are also temporary positions available to expats, and some of these are related to hospitality work, office administration, or seasonal agricultural labor.

This country has one of the most significant numbers of visa options to help foreigners settle within its borders. If your wish is to become one of them in 2020, you have something to look forward to since Canada’s plan is to contact and invite 1.3 million expats by 2021.

So, let’s find out what the most in-demand jobs are and how much they pay.

In-Demand Jobs Category

According to the official Labour Force Survey, the unemployment rate in Great White North stands at only 5.5%. This nation is not only one of the most desirable locations for top-class education worldwide but also a place where you can land a well-paid and fulfilling job.

If you’re wondering what the highest paying positions in Canada in 2020 are, we’ve put together a list of in-demand jobs and their average annual salaries:

  • Surgeon: $240,000
  • Psychiatrist: $207,000
  • Dentist: $165,000
  • Petroleum Engineer: $147,000
  • IT Manager: $138,000
  • Marketing Manager: $138,000
  • Pilot: $137,000
  • Lawyer: $135,000
  • Sales Manager: $132,000
  • Business Operations Manager: $116,000

Are You Eligible to Work in the Great White North

Having an employment offer is not enough to secure a legal stay in the Great White North. You must submit the right application documents and meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Proof that you’ll leave the country after your employment permit expires
  • You need to have enough money to financially support yourself (and your family members) during the stay and to return home
  • Your record of criminal activity should be spotless
  • You must not present a danger to Canada’s security
  • Your health must be good, and you should have a medical exam
  • You shouldn’t plan to collaborate with non-compliant employers
  • It’s also forbidden to do business with an employer who offers any erotic services

Do You Need a Work Permit

For most positions, foreigners will need an employment permit and employment visa. Still, there are a few jobs for which you might not need such permits, and you can check that here. Generally, there are two types of work permits:

  • Open permits – allow you to collaborate with any employers in the country
  • Employer-specific permits – enable you to work for only one specific employer

Employment permits can be issued for different categories of workers, and each of them has its specific requirements:

  • Temporary workers
  • Business people
  • Permanent workers

You can learn more about these requirements on the website Canada.ca, and keep in mind that, if you’re going to relocate to Quebec, you should be familiar with their own process.

First Step In Getting a Job in Canada: Update Your CV

Keep in mind that the resume format here is somewhat different from CVs you used to write back in the US. So before you update it with all relevant information, make sure you’ve adjusted it to the wanted format. If you need additional tips on how to do this, you can visit the official moving2canada website and adapt it to meet Canadian standards.

Since your resume is the essential first impression, incorporate all the important info into it and try to stand out from other candidates applying for the same position.

Search for the Right Company

When applying for a position, you should choose only those you’re fully qualified for and have excellent references. Don’t send the same cover letter and CV with the same skills to all companies you’re interested in. That’s how your chances in the selective process of hiring become higher.

What Are the Most Helpful Websites for Job Search in Canada

There are several excellent job portals that you can visit and find a relevant position to apply for:

If you would like to learn new skills or get an appropriate education, you should consider finding employment centers that are located all over the country. They are offered by non-profit organizations, universities/colleges, and settlement agencies that are focused on developing your career goals. These centers will help you connect with the right employer and plan the next steps in your career. They will also sign you up for workshops and briefing sessions on the labor market.

Search for the Job Assistant Services

In the Great White North, you can find a selection of job assisting services designed to help expats and support them in making necessary connections with prospective employers.

Service Canada is a federal institution and is a part of Employment and Social Development Canada. This service offers unemployed or underemployed people job search assistance programs, job-skills workshops, telephonic and face-to-face support.

Whether your ultimate destination is Vancouver, Toronto, or Calgary, these services are offered by every single province and territory in the country, thanks to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Why Is Moving to Canada a Good Idea

There are plenty of reasons why you should move to the Great White North during 2020, and here are some of the most popular ones:

  • If you’re moving with your child, there is free public schooling
  • Most workers are protected by the employment laws of their territory or province, and each province and territory has its own legislation in that regard
  • The Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) prohibits any kind of discrimination, including that based on age, race, gender, and ethnicity.
  • Work laws cover basic employment rights, such as hours of work, sick days, minimum wages, and paid vacation.
  • Every person has healthcare coverage, but not all costs are covered by the government. The country offers citizens and permanent residents a universal public health insurance scheme – Medicare
  • It is one of the few countries that isn’t looking just for temporary workers, but proper citizens and the citizenship process is quite straightforward
  • It believes in family and in reuniting family members
  • It is welcoming to newcomers
  • It has excellent expats programs for entrepreneurs and business owners

In addition to a high standard of life, excellent conditions for family life, plenty of options for outdoor activities in breathtaking nature, the Great White North is a place that is crammed with employment opportunities that can help you start from scratch as a stranger in a strange land.

So, don’t sit on the fence anymore – determine your final relocation day and get professional international moving services. Your relocation may turn into the best decision you’ve ever made.