Reasons why you should move to the countryside

You have decided to move somewhere across the ocean, to new and different country in perhaps Europe, Asia, or even Africa. When people decide to move, they usually think about moving to an urban area, such as a metropolis or a big city, because they think that they will have a better chance at a good job or education there. And while that’s true, there are so many benefits when moving to the countryside too. In this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons why you should consider relocation to the countryside. If you’re interested in learning how the countryside can have a positive influence on your life, then continue reading this blog!

Benefit No. 1: Less stress and hassle

        It is well known that life in the countryside may make you feel more positive and optimistic. Just think about the prospect of being in touch with the nature around you. There will be less noise, car honking and people rushing to get to work. Everything will feel more calm and relaxed, and you will get to experience the tranquility of the countryside. This means that you will also experience less stressful situations by simply enjoying the things that surround you. It has been scientifically proven that people who spend more time in the countryside, or live there, have a better chance of living a longer, healthier life with less stress than those who don’t. This is why you should definitely consider relocation to a village or smaller town.

Benefit No. 2: Eating more organic and healthy foods

        Another well known fact is that people who live in the countryside like to grow and produce their own foods. This is great because eating more organic foods is good for your health. You can grow your own crops and make your own milk and cheese. If you’re not into that, you can also purchase fresh products from your local organic store, which are far more common in the countryside, than in the city. Knowing what you’re eating is very important, and life in the countryside will almost guarantee that you eat more organic and healthy foods.

Benefit No. 3: Having the opportunity to start your own business

        One great thing about the countryside life is that you can get a chance to start your own business. When you think about it, there aren’t many stores or markets and other businesses that you can find as easily in the countryside as in a big city. This gives you the opportunity to start a business that you and your family can grow, develop and later expand. For example, if you’re village does not have a café or a coffee shop, it could be a great idea to open one! You don’t have to find a new job in the city – you can simply start you own business and earn money by doing something new and interesting for the community there.

Benefit No. 4: Less water and air pollution

        Air and water pollution represents one of the major issues of any big urban area. In order to get away from all of this pollution, the best thing to do is to simply move to the countryside. It is well known that air pollutants are a major cause of many respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and certain allergies. If you have small children, or plan to start a family, it is a great choice to move to the countryside and reduce the risk of these preventable illnesses.

Benefit No. 5: More affordable costs of living

        Life in the city can get rather expensive, especially right after your relocation, when you’ve already spent a lot of money on the actual process. If you want to reduce the cost of living and improve the quality of life, consider relocation to the countryside. Life in the countryside is less expensive due to a variety of reasons: the real estate is less expensive than in the city, as well as the costs of food and water. Plus, if you produce your own food, you also get to save up a great deal on that too!

Benefit No. 6: Different people

        The people who live in the countryside are significantly and notably different from those who live in urban areas. First of all, they tend to be way more relaxed and calm. They also are usually less stressed out and more friendly towards strangers. Also, they are usually more optimistic than people who live in big cities! The life in the countryside can significantly influence your mood and attitude towards other things and people. If you wish to make new friends and have a really good time while blending in with the local, moving to the countryside is your best bet!

Benefit No. 7: A safer environment for you and your children

        The majority of criminal activity takes place in large cities and metropolises. On the other hand, very little to no crime happens in the countryside, for obvious reasons. If you have small children, or you’re planning on starting a family, it might be a good idea to relocate to the countryside. Having a safe and sound environment for your children will give you the opportunity to be more relax and not so worried. Villages are thought to be as safe as they can get! There is no better feeling than knowing that your children will be safe while they’re outside playing, or while they’re commuting from school to home.


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