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7 Best Places for Living Overseas

Blake Shaw October 28, 2019
Posted October 28, 2019 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Blake Shaw

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Are you ready to retire and live in another country? Maybe you’ve been thinking about living overseas for a long time, and now you are finally able to do it. Perhaps you plan on starting fresh by moving to a different environment, and that’s why you’ve been thinking about an international relocation from the US.

Whatever the reason behind your decision, you are probably wondering right now what the best place to live abroad is. Here is our list of the 7 top places to live around the world, which you will hopefully find useful when making your decision to relocate abroad. But first, let’s take a look at some of the positive aspects of leaving the US and making a home across the sea.

The Best Things About Living Overseas

There are many good reasons you should move abroad, from gaining valuable experiences to helping your personal development. Maybe that’s why you’ve been planning an international relocation for a long time. On the other hand, you may be moving internationally on short notice, and now you’re not sure how to handle the entire situation. Either way, you will get a chance to experience another culture and lifestyle, and to immerse yourself there as much as you want to. It’s a perfect chance not only to start anew but to help you become a better person by taking such an important step and embracing it.

Retire and Discover the Best Places Around the World

Maybe you’ve been saving up some money because you want to retire abroad. Not only is this a good chance to find out more about all the best places around the world, but your retirement fund may also last much longer, depending on where you’re moving.

The Costs of International Moving

Your spendings in another country will, of course, depend on where you plan to live. The costs of living will change and may vary greatly from one country to the other. You can check the exchange rates of the currencies used, and check out the average monthly expenses in the desired destination. Maybe you will be able to stretch your savings in some countries, but need to get a new job in others.

And when it comes to the question of how to move to another country, you have to think about the most convenient way of transporting the belongings you want to take with you overseas. Most relocation companies offer international moving by sea and international moving by air, as well as overseas vehicle shipping if you plan on bringing your car with you.

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Working and Living Overseas

In case you’re planning on working overseas, it would be wise to check all your available options. Perhaps you could find a good job through an agency – maybe you can work as an English teacher, depending on where you’re moving to. But working abroad is a viable option for anyone, whether you are just fresh out of college, or over 50.

What It’s Like Being Abroad

How you experience the move abroad will depend on how you approach it. You will have to make certain adjustments, perhaps learn a new language, and get accustomed to a different culture. But it will also be a great opportunity to open your eyes to what life outside the US may be like. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with your new home, if you haven’t already, and will feel like a native in no time.

New Zealand – One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with stunning scenery and a temperate climate featuring warm summers and relatively mild winters. And don’t forget that no matter where in the country you are, you are a quick ride away from beautiful beaches and stunning mountains. The nation has a very low crime rate, is one of the top places to raise a child, and offers a high quality of life, along with a lower cost of living. It’s famous for its work/life balance, while its relaxed pace is one of the main reasons why moving to New Zealand is so popular.

Raise Family in Sweden

Moving to Sweden may be the perfect choice if you are planning on raising children or moving with your family. It’s highly ranked when it comes to childcare costs and quality. Sweden has a very stable economy, so job security and work-to-life balance won’t be an issue. And don’t forget that it is home to some of the most breathtaking lakes, mountains, and forests.

Belize – a Tropical Paradise

Belize is among the top countries to move to if you’re moving from the US. It is the land of Mayan ruins, beautiful rivers and jungles, and a population of just over 370 thousand. Belize has a permanent residency program for people over 45 with families if you can prove an income of $2,000 or more a month. English is the official language here, and there are various schooling and education options available, in case you’re moving with kids.

Portugal – the Land of Rich History

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with a long history and a very interesting culture, which is one of the reasons why the food there is so good. Though Portugal doesn’t boast the greatest economy when compared to some other countries in Europe, as a legal citizen with a job, you will have access to free public healthcare services. Portugal has a very warm climate, with at least six months of high temperatures, which you can enjoy at its lovely beaches.

Ecuador – Beautiful and Affordable

Moving to Ecuador may have become popular for many Americans since the start of 2019, but there are many reasons why this is so. Ecuador is home to many different communities and cultures, ranging from business people and entrepreneurs to travelers and retirees. You can expect an inexpensive and good quality of life, great real estate options, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Germany – a Top Place to Move Abroad

Germany is among the top places to move to in the world for a variety of reasons. It’s one of the leading European countries in many aspects, from a very stable economy and political scene, to a relatively low crime rate. It’s among the top five places to raise kids in the world too, so if you’re moving to Germany with your family, Germany might be your best choice.

Australia – Live in the Land Down Under

Australia boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, friendly and welcoming communities, and is a perfect place if you want to assimilate and settle down. The country has a stable economy, plenty of job opportunities, the weather is beautiful, and everyone already speaks English, so you won’t have to learn another language if you’re planning on moving to Australia.

Don’t Wait Up – Moving Internationally Will Make Your Life Great

When looking for the next place to call home, make sure you thought through everything and settled on the right spot. The one that fits all of your wishes and needs. When you do, start packing up. The new adventure will bring you not only employment and entertainment opportunities but also memories that will last you a lifetime.



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