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How to Keep in Touch with Friends After Moving from the US

Blake Shaw December 30, 2019
Posted December 30, 2019 In Living Abroad, Moving Tips&Tricks,
Blake Shaw

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Being away from your loved ones can be quite difficult, so we understand that you’re worried about how to keep in touch with friends after you relocate. You are getting ready to leave your home, closest friends, and move to another country, perhaps even all the way to another part of the world. That is a rather significant change that will undoubtedly affect your life, but it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily destroy your social circle.


At first, your only concern is where you’re going to find someone with professional packing services and how you’re going to arrange overseas vehicle shipping. But then you get overwhelmed with numerous other questions about the people you’re leaving behind, such as How do you keep a long-distance friendship? How often should you keep in touch with friends? How do you stay in touch with friends without Facebook? It might seem too difficult even to answer these, let alone do anything about it. But it is possible to overcome distance and keep your loved ones in your life no matter where you are. Let’s see what you can do to make it happen.

How to Keep in Touch with Friends via Social Media

Even though social media can sometimes make us more alienated, it can also bring us closer to people who live far away. When you go through your international relocation, Facebook, Skype, or any other social media you use will become your good friend, i.e., the main bridge that connects you to your faraway friends.

Schedule a Group Video Talk to Catch up with Several Friends

Since you’ll probably be quite busy with your new job, activities, and your new life altogether, you might find it challenging to align your schedule with several other people and their own agenda. In this case, the best thing would be to set up a group call so that you all chat together. That way, you won’t leave anyone out.

Take the Time to Talk to Your Closest Friend One-on-One

Group video calls might be time-saving, but sometimes, you need that one-on-one talk with your closest friend to get something off your chest or be there for that friend. Make the time for these calls, too, to cherish the connection between the two of you.

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Send a Quick Message

You may not realize it now, but a simple “Thinking about you. Hope you’re OK” text goes a long way. A real friend will understand that you don’t always have the time for long talks, whether it’s because of work or something else. People appreciate it when you just let them know you’re thinking about them. Simple as that.

Share a Fun Video or a Random Photo

When you come across some interesting or funny video or a photo that you think your friend will like, share it. There’s no need for any kind of explanation. The content itself is not even that important. It’s the very fact that it reminded you of that person that sends the message saying, “Thinking about you.”

Work out a Method to Keep in Touch via Email

In case you’re in different time zones and it’s difficult to agree on when to schedule a video call, figure out a way to communicate via email. When you can’t actually talk, emails are a great way to send an elaborate, detailed story of what’s happening in your life.

Send Differentiated Holiday Cards

Nowadays, people often tend to forget about good old mail. While it might not be practical to send letters and wait for a response for who knows how long, sending a card is something else. Sometimes, the best way to send someone your best wishes is via a real holiday card. It’s personal and shows that you’ve put some effort into it. And people like to feel special.

Share a New Story and Your New Interests

You’ve been going through the best places to live overseas with that person. You’ve looked for boxes and moving supplies and planned your entire move together. And you’ve shared everything else up until that moment. What about after your relocation? Don’t forget to keep updating your dear friend and sharing any new details of your life, like new anecdotes, new activities you’ve taken an interest in, your work, and so on.

No Matter How Far Away You Live from Each Other, Make Plans for the Future Together

You may be miles away from each other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create future plans together. Talking about the future will help you overcome the fear of losing each other. Just knowing that you’ll see each other in a month or two will make the period you’re apart easier to handle.

Plan a Trip Together

Trips are always exciting and can freshen up any relationship. So, whenever you can, take a couple of days off work and plan a trip. Whether it’s just a long weekend or a whole vacation, it will help you. Not only will seeing each other mean a lot for your friendship, but you’ll also create some new memories to enrich your time together.

Remember Important Dates

Everyone likes it when you remember their birthday or any other date that they find significant for some reason. Mark those dates in your calendar so as not to forget them in everyday hassle. Remembering important dates can show that other person how much you care about them.

Visit Each Other as Much as Possible

Whenever you get a chance, visit each other to keep your friendship alive and fresh. Video calls are great, but nothing can replace the actual encounter. If you’re planning to ship your car overseas, it will come in handy when your pals come to visit so that you can show them around the city and take them to the surrounding attractions that they will like.

Show Understanding for the Things They Forget

Finally, don’t be harsh on your loved ones, and don’t take it personally when they forget something. Understanding is key to preserving long-distance friendships or any other relationship, for that matter.



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