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How to Prepare for Moving with Dogs Abroad

Anastasia Hill December 30, 2019
Posted December 30, 2019 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Anastasia Hill

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Uprooting your life and relocating to a new home is equally stressful for all family members, including the most sensitive ones – your pets. Moving with dogs is a bit more overwhelming than the regular four-member family relocation. Believe it or not, your dogs feel the same way you do – anxious, unsettled, nervous, and under a lot of stress. You at least know what is going on, but for them, everything seems blurry and confusing.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that distance has anything to do with that. Whether you are relocating within the same neighborhood or you are moving to some of the best places overseas, the same rules apply. Take into account that animals are notoriously territorial – they get used to a place of residence much more than humans do. This does not mean your dog won’t adjust to the new surroundings – you are there to help. With careful planning, this moving experience will be easier for you and your dogs equally. Check the tips below to properly prepare for such a transition.

Moving with Dogs – It’s All About Exercise and Preparing for a Change

Your dogs will sense that there is something going on. There is no reason not to prepare them for it. Sooner or later, you will have a myriad of boxes around the home, and even if they spend a lot of time outdoors, you won’t be able to hide the moving mess. The most important thing is to avoid changing their living environment and their habits abruptly. As long as you remain in their company, everything will be fine. The best way to prepare them for a change is to show them what is going on – let them be a part of the relocation process. Besides, make sure they spend some extra energy during the day, alleviate the frustration, and when they come back inside the home, the boxes won’t be too scary.

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Start the Preparations on Time – Your Pets Should Be Aware of What Is Going On

Good organization and planning will have an impact on your pet, as well. The moment you start panicking and stressing out, even unintentionally, you will pass that on to your little animal companion. If you are planning an international relocation, make sure you start the preparation way ahead of schedule, and the level of stress will be minimized for everyone in the house.

Your Pets Need Love as Much as You Do – Spend Time with Them

Even if everything seems messy and you are losing your head with the relocation preparations, you still need to spend time with the pets. If you are lucky enough to start the packing way before the relocation day, you will have time to walk the dog out, go to the nearby playground, and do the things you usually do. You might not be able to spend hours and hours like before, but it’s important not to forget about them.


What Should Your Dog Do When the Moving Day Comes

The relocation day has finally arrived, so much to do, so little time to spare. Your family members are engaged with the relocation process, and everyone is doing their share of the workload. What about the golden retriever you have in the yard? Who is going to cater to his needs?

If you plan to be fully focused on the relocation process, and make sure everything works smoothly, someone has to keep your pet friend amused. If you let him out in the yard while the movers are taking care of the belongings, he might distract them and slow down the entire process.

Introduce Them to the Travel Conditions

Has your dog flown before or enjoyed a boat ride? If not, this can be a bit traumatic. Help them prepare for the trip by teaching them how to enter the carrier and remain calm. Leave the container open in the yard – let them go in and out whenever they want.

Keep Your Dog Entertained

Make sure one of the family members is free to take care of the dog during the relocation day. The best is to take the dog out for a walk and spend time outdoors while movers are handling large furniture for you.

Anxiety Aid Resources – Make Use of Them

There are many anxiety aid solutions to keep your little friend calm during the relocation. Talk to your vet about the prescription for calming medications such as Alprazolam or Diazepam. Test these medications before the relocation day, so that you can ensure the effectiveness on a relocation day. Never give your dogs your medications though, they metabolize drugs differently than humans, and you could end up seriously hurting your pet. Always consult your vet for the proper treatment and dosage.

New Experience – Introduce Your Dog to a New Home

If this is the first time that you are relocating internationally by sea or air, together with your pets and family members, you are in for a lot of excitement. Before you let them inside, make sure your new home is cleared of any health hazards – cleaning products or rat poisons. Don’t forget that dogs are curious animals, and as soon as you arrive, they will start sniffing around the home. Everything will be new and exciting for them – you have to make sure the house is completely safe before they start running around.

New Home, Old Habits – Stick to the Normal Routine

As soon as everything is unpacked and arranged, get back to the old habits and routines. That way, your dog will barely notice any consequences of international relocation. Take them out for a walk, play with them in the usual hours, go together to the nearby market. If you feel that you will be too occupied with the workload, why not get them some company? No one likes to be alone.



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