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Most Important Relocation Questions to Ask an Employer

Eva Johnson October 21, 2019
Posted October 21, 2019 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Eva Johnson

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To ensure that moving for a job is the right thing to do, you should think about the crucial relocation questions to ask your employer, especially if you would have to move to another country. From future prospects of your career and to the actual moving costs and living expenses at your future destination, do your best to receive all the necessary information.

Prepare Your Relocation Questions to Ask the Employer

It is best to be prepared for the upcoming situation. Therefore, we suggest that you create a list of questions in advance so that every aspect is covered. Concentrate and write down all you want to know before addressing your superior.

Will There Be Any Moving and Housing Assistance?

Instead of doing everything yourself, you can go check if your company has a relocation and housing assistance program. Some of them offer to cover moving expenses, pay for the trips to inspect your future location, assist with selling the old home, and some even offer temporary housing assistance. Inquire what moving packages your employer offers and apply for them on time. And get it in writing, of course. Make sure to read every detail of the relocation contract, as some may contain a clause obligating you to refund the costs of relocation should you decide to leave the firm after a while.

What is the Cost of Living in a New City?

You can research the living expenses in your future destination yourself and see if it has a low cost of living. But your employer might have a better insight into how much you will have to pay for utilities, rent, transportation and parking, groceries, and various taxes. Plus, when asking about the living costs, you are also discretely pointing out that your salary should cover for the difference, if any. Based on that information, calculate your expenses together with some important perks of your current lifestyle to see whether your new salary will cover for it.

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Are There Any Benefits?

If you have to leave your current life and friends behind, you must have a good motivating factor to back your decision. Inquire about the support system that can help you settle in. It will take time to build a social network you are used to in your daily activities.

What is the Commute Like?

This is an important question, as it regards your daily activities. If the commute time is too long or the transportation is too expensive, perhaps you should reconsider. What is the benefit of spending a lot of time commuting and arriving home tired instead of spending time with your family?

Is There Something That Can Make It Better?

There are ways to resolve this problem, starting from finding accommodation closer to your work or seeking strategic assistance from your company in terms of organized transport.

Are the Job and the Company a Good Fit for You?

The financial benefit is not the only thing you need to consider when relocating. The professional and cultural environment is an important part of your life, so do not hesitate to ask your recruiter about the specifics. You have to know if your coworkers are competitive or if they value teamwork, are they friends and associates after work, as they will be among the first ones you will get to know in the city. Also, investigate the prospects of company growth, because you might opt for advancement at some point. If there is no perspective, think it over.

Does the Job Fit Your Career Plan and Goals?

You must know what is expected of you in your new position and what you expect to get from it. Learn about your role in the team, your promotion prospects and potential for taking new responsibilities within the firm.

Are There Any Other Potential Jobs in the City?

What if you realize your job is not fulfilling so you decide to change it? This is not often the case, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to inquire whether your expertise is in demand and if there are other companies you could work for. It should not be difficult if you check the local job listings and related sites to see if your skills are needed.

Are There Any Strings Attached?

Reading the relocation agreement is crucial. Take time to check all the clauses carefully. You may be thinking you’re receiving benefits regarding the moving package, but they can come with reimbursement commitment should you decide to leave before a specified deadline.

Does the Salary Meet the City’s Living Costs and Your Needs?

This is a fundamental calculation you need to consider because the point of relocating is to have better living conditions. If you cannot meet that goal, you should not accept the new job. This is particularly important if you are relocating from a smaller city to a larger one with higher costs of living. Calculate not only the basic needs, such as utilities, rent, transportation, taxes, and food but also the recreational activities and entertainment you are used to. Depriving yourself of the things you enjoy will certainly not make you happy.

Are You Ready?

To answer this question, you have to think back to what your life has been until now, including leisure time. Determine whether you will be able to maintain such a lifestyle in your future environment or at least the most important aspects of it.

Make the Right Decision

First, you need to assess what you cannot do without and find out if you will have that available in your new home. Maybe you enjoy a sport which is not popular in that community? Think about whether you are willing to let it go after such a long time or consider whether engaging in some other sport might be stimulating for you. You were living in a safe neighborhood – check whether your kids will have the same level of safety in your new neighborhood. Winter is bad for your health, so instead of relocating internationally to a cold climate area, you can go to warmer climates. And you can even choose if you want to relocate by air or move by sea.

Have you decided that relocating for a job is the right thing to do? All you need now is a company to help you relocate internationally by providing you with top-notch moving, packing, and car shipping services.



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