The Best Neighborhoods in Montreal to Live In

Posted August 25, 2020 In Living Abroad,
Anastasia Hill

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Moving to one of the greatest cities in Canada from the US has a number of significant perks. Whether it’s about chasing good job opportunities or finding a peaceful place to raise a family, this list of best neighborhoods in Montreal will help you choose the right place to live in. Be sure to have everything prepared for your big international move.

The Cultural Center of Quebec

Before you start preparing documents needed to travel abroad, you should learn more about this great city. First and foremost, it is the most important city in Quebec, next to the namesake capital of the province – Quebec City. It got its name after Mount Royal, the hill on which the city lies, and has been one of the most influential cities in Canada ever since. It was named the City of Design by UNESCO in 2006, was the host of the Summer Olympics in 1976, Canadian Grand Prix (as a part of the Formula One series), and International Jazz Festival. You should also know that this is a bilingual area, where French is spoken almost in the same amount as English.

Best Neighborhoods in Montreal – From Plateau-Mont-Royal to Saint-Henri

Since you’re thinking about moving to one of the best countries to live in the world, it’s high time you explore the best Montreal neighborhoods. These five districts have been chosen based on multiple living factors like the quality of schools, housing, crime rates, job opportunities, and overall day-to-day lifestyle. Make sure you write down first what’s important to you when choosing the right place to call home.

#1 Plateau-Mont-Royal – Canada With a Taste of France

One of the coolest neighborhoods in Montreal is definitely the famous Plateau Mont-Royal. This neighborhood offers a variety of fun activities, from hiking up Mount Royal to relaxing in cool little shops, bars, and restaurants. The Plateau-Mont-Royal area is known for its iconic colorful row houses and Paris-like neighborhood vibe. If you love riding a bike, enjoying outdoor activities, as well as drinking French wine in bistros, Plateau Mont-Royal is the perfect place for you.

#2 Mile End – the Best Place in Montreal for Hipsters

Mile End is a one-of-a-kind neighborhood, home to artists and hipsters. The area is filled with galleries, venues, bookstores, old bagel shops, little restaurants, and the famous local Théâtre Rialto, a restored neo-baroque movie theatre. The neighborhood is also the birthplace of William Shatner, known for his iconic role as Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. Many of the Mile End young residents have turned the old downtown industrial area to a cheerful, vivid hipster zone, for all Canadians to enjoy.

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#3 Gay Village – Unsurprisingly, the Favorite Montreal Neighborhood Among the LGBTQ Population

If you’re interested in living somewhere where the nightlife is buzzing, Gay Village might be the right spot for you. The area (simply called the Village by its residents) is also a symbol for the LGBTQ community and is home to the city’s Pride Festival, as well as other open-air festivals. You can watch a show at Cabaret Mado, or have a blast at local restaurants, bars, and little shops. Other neighborhoods like Plateau-Mont-Royal or Mile End are just a bike ride away from the Village.

#4 Old Montreal – the Heart of La Metropole

Old Montreal is the oldest area to live in, resembling a typical western European town. The neighborhood is perfect if you consider moving with dogs since you can go for a walk down the Old Port’s boardwalk and Rue de la Commune. Alongside Saint Paul Street, there are many fashion boutiques, lovely restaurants, and little cafés. The main attraction is, of course, the Grand Notre Dame Cathedral, but if you want to take a good Instagram picture of the neighborhood, go to the rooftop of the hotel William Gray.

#5 Saint-Henri – Perfect Montreal Neighborhood for Young Professionals

If you’re seeking good jobs in Canada, be sure to check the neighborhood Saint-Henri. This place has attracted many young professionals over the years. Saint-Henri offers a variety of activities to do in the neighborhood, like walking alongside its colorful little streets, photographing Art Deco buildings and the downtown area, as well as visiting the impressive Atwater Market. The main attraction is the Lachine Canal, around which you can have a picnic or go for a stroll. Even though there are many significant restaurants and bars to visit here, the best thing you can do is to drink natural, quality wines at Le Vin Papillon.

Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Montreal

If you are hoping to raise your family here, in the “Paris of North America,” you’ll want to look out for neighborhoods that specifically fit that kind of lifestyle. We’ve already mentioned a few that are good, but you should also check out:

  • Outremont – upscale, French-speaking neighborhood
  • Rosemont – affordable with lots of green spaces for kids to enjoy
  • West Island – has a number of top-notch schools
  • Ville Mount Royal – also has excellent school programs for kids.

Suggested List of Things to Do in Montreal For Families

The second-largest French-speaking city in the world is known for its beautiful architecture, idyllic scenery, lovely restaurants, bars, shops, and fun activities. One of the best ways to figure out how to live abroad is to get to know your new surroundings and experience downtown, local life. Be sure to check out this video and find out what activities you can do with your family while you live here.

In Case You Wondered Where Do the Rich Live in Montreal

Indeed, the neighborhoods we’ve listed above are known for their unique architecture and lifestyle. Yet, some neighborhoods are considered to be elite ones, with modern buildings and mansions, where the average house prices are not below $2,000,000. These places are:

  • Summit Park
  • Edgehill
  • King George Park
  • Sunnyside Avenue
  • Lexington Avenue

You’re Probably Thinking – What Are the Bad Areas of Montreal?

Montreal is actually one of the safest places to live in North America. The chances of being a homicide victim are extremely low, so the usual crimes committed downtown are robberies, thefts, and mischief. You should stay away or at least be cautious in any downtown area, like Latin Quarter and Milton Park, as well as the Red Light District. There have also been reports about foul activities around Wellington Street in Verdun, Notre Dame Quest, and the neighborhoods like Charlevoix.

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