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Has it been a long time since you first wished to move out of the States and to a country in Europe? Does being in the EU citizen list make you think of affordable and comfortable lifestyle, stable economy and a developed society? We offer you a chance to make that move, and choose Brussels in Belgium as your next moving destination. Perhaps you will decide to even make it a home for your retirement days.

Moving to BrusselsDown below will be listed all of the facts as to why you might want to move your house to Brussels, and stay there. But before we move on, there is something we from My International Movers want to familiarize you with.

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(French: Bruxelles,  Dutch: Brussel)

First off, you should know that Brussels refers to more than a capital city of Belgium, but also the 19 municipalities that surround the city core. Since Belgium is a divided country in a certain sense, this place is unofficially part of both regions, the French Community of Belgium and the Flemish Community, but is separate from the region of Flanders,in which it forms an enclave, or Wallonia. Brussels is increasingly becoming multilingual with increasing numbers of migrants, but its two main languages are French and Flemish. Brussels has transformed from being almost entirely Dutch-speaking, to being a multilingual city with French, specifically Belgian French, as the majority language and lingua franca.


Belgium has an area of 30,528 square kilometers,with 16,844 square kilometers for Wallonia, 13,522 square kilometers for Flanders and 161 square kilometres for the Brussels Capital Region.

The language division is in the same way reflected in the regional division of the country of Belgium.

As we have already mentioned, Brussels is a bilingual region, but other than that, the line that separates the North of Belgium, the Dutch-speaking area, and the South, larger, French-speaking region, is clear and almost precisely cuts through the half of the map. However, this is not the end of language ambiguity, as there is a small region in the Eastern part of the country, towards the German border, where German is the dominant tongue. Geographically looking, that is a part of Wallonia, a province in the Southeast.

Population & Statistics

To sum up, Belgium is a federal state comprising three communities, three regions, and four language areas. It has a total population of around 11 million people. Brussels inhabitants make up around 10% of all Belgic population, around 1.175 million, according to the last census. The city is home to 40,000 EU employees, 4,000 NATO employees and hosts about 300 permanent representations: lobby groups, embassies and press corporations.

About 27 percent of the residents in Brussels are not Belgic citizens.

Other details

Since the end of the Second World War, Brussels has been the political capital of Europe. The city is home to EU institutions, North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters, international organizations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants. It is also the capital of European Union and Belgium.

Brussels is a major trader of Beer, waffles and chocolate. There are more than 800 brands of beer on sale in Brussels.

Brussels is one of the most secure cities in the world. It is one of those cities where you can walk to your apartment/hotel 3 miles away, completely drunk, and reach safely. If you want to have a merry night with some of the biggest names in global politics, Brussels is the place to be. You can come to Brussels to lobby for policies that favor your business as you have a little fun on the side. Or just move there permanently.

And to help you achieve just that, make a call today, to one of our contacts and we can set up a schedule for your move. All you need to do is send us information on what services you want from us, and leave it in the hands of our trusted professionals.