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Moving Across the World – Best Tips And Tricks

Blake Shaw January 20, 2020
Posted January 20, 2020 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Blake Shaw

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Are you planning on moving across the world to finish your studies or find a new job? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of relocating to another country, and you feel like now is the right time to do it. Perhaps you’re moving to be united with your loved one and share the experience of living overseas with them?

Whatever the reason behind your decision to move across the globe, be it education, work, or love, here are the best tips and tricks that you should make use of. This way, you’ll be ready to tackle the relocation process and get adapted to a new life in an unfamiliar setting.

Apply for a Visa and Renew Your Passport

You may be wondering how to move overseas permanently, and the first answer to this question is to do it legally. You will have to have a valid passport before you can move on to the next step, which is acquiring a visa. In case your passport expires while you’re abroad, you can renew it at a US consulate or embassy.

After you have sorted out your passport, you should check the visa requirements in your future country. They can be very different depending on whether you’re moving for work or to study. Your visa and passport should be your first priorities, especially if you’re moving internationally on short notice.

Save up Enough Money Before Moving Across the World

There are many things you should know before moving abroad, but saving up a lot of money before you actually do it is one of the most important ones. Relocating to a different place in the same nation can be costly, let alone relocating across the world. Consider the costs of your tickets, visas, housing, international moving, overseas vehicle shipping, and any emergency funds you should have. You should organize a monthly budget plan, and start saving up at least six months before things go into motion.

Do Your Research Beforehand

You should never move abroad on a whim, no matter how enticing it may seem at times, especially if you’re moving to another country for love. Do your research about your future home long before you even start organizing the relocation.

If you’re planning on working from the get-go, have you read up about the job opportunities? Have you researched the housing market, and found a home that you’ll find suitable or share a flat with someone? In case you’re moving with dogs, you will have to check the regulations for pets. If you’re moving with your child, you will have to find the best schools in the area. You’ll have to sort out the overseas auto shipping, too, if you plan on bringing your vehicle with you.

Don’t Forget About Healthcare

Remember that you’ll have to sort out your life necessities before you move on to packing and finding the best restaurants. Your healthcare should be at the top of your priorities. Find out if your current healthcare plan will cover you abroad, and read more about the healthcare system in the country you are moving to. You will have to get all of your medical records, read about the immunization and any vaccines you may need, as well as research if any meds you are taking at the moment are allowed in your future home nation.

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Be Open-Minded and Ready to Change

You have to prepare yourself mentally for international relocation. Many of the things in your life will change, and you’ll have to be ready to embrace or adapt to them. You will have to find new friends in your new country, keep in touch with family and friends back in your home country, and get adapted to a different environment. Don’t forget that not everything will go according to plan, and expect the unexpected. For example, the job you found before moving may not be available once you get there.

Get Ready for the Culture Shock

Getting accustomed to an unfamiliar culture is just one of the many challenges of moving abroad. This can be an even bigger issue if the culture there is vastly different than the one you are coming from. Be open to learning about the customs and the lifestyle, but don’t forget to keep your culture alive as well – perhaps they share some similarities. In case you’re moving during the holidays, as it’s often cheaper, it may be the perfect time to learn about the local customs. You can read up about the local culture, government, social norms, and history before you move there, or during the relocation.

You Should Really Learn the Language

If you have the time to do it, you should try and learn the local language. Though English is the second language taught in countries around the globe, knowing the native language will be beneficial for many different reasons. Learning a new language abroad will be very useful in your everyday life and when it comes to meeting people and making friends. Finding work will be easier too, as you’ll have more job opportunities if you speak the native language.

More General Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, here are some more tips and tricks about moving abroad that you should keep in mind.

Get Ready for the Travel Costs

Don’t underestimate how much moving across the globe can cost. Plan out your moving budget in advance, take into account the travel fees, visa costs, any additional costs, as well as fees if you’re moving with pets. Don’t forget to make an emergency budget as well, in case something goes awry during the move, or once you land there.

Pack Lightly

Don’t pack your entire household, but only your most precious items and belongings you won’t be able to get in another country. Moving is the best time to get rid of the extra items that you’ve hoarded up over the years.

Leave Your Extra Belongings to a Charity

You don’t have to throw away your items – you can donate them to a charity or gift to a friend or family member to share the love. In case you’re moving on a budget, you can always sell the possessions you don’t plan on taking with you to make some extra cash.

International Moving Tips

Don’t forget that you will have to make a choice between international moving by air and international moving by sea. With the latter being the more affordable option that will be more suitable if you want to save up during the relocation. In case you plan to bring your vehicle with you, you’ll also have to sort out the overseas auto shipping.



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