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What to Know When Moving to Another Country for Love

Blake Shaw November 25, 2019
Posted November 25, 2019 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Blake Shaw

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Moving to another country for love is a big decision. Before you make it official, you should know a few things about relocating abroad. Think about the documents you will need and whether you would want to find a job or not. Should you move in with your significant other or rent a flat of your own? Whatever your choices are, make sure you consult your partner whenever you have doubts about your decision.

Keep an Open Mind

Let’s keep it real – relocating to another country can be a real struggle. You are leaving your home so that you could start a life in another one. Being anxious or even scared is perfectly normal – it’s what makes you human.

But if you want to get rid of fear, you need to take a real stand. Just keep an open mind and learn more about the place you are moving to. Let a good relocating company handle your packing and relocation, whether you want to move by sea or move by air, while you read and inform yourself about every aspect of living in a new location.

Before You Move for Love – Make Checklists

You probably know that relocating abroad is not such an easy task. To make it a little less confusing and scary, you should make checklists!

First, put down all of the things that scare you about the unknown location you are going to. Write down what you are expecting and what you are going to miss. Dealing with your emotions will be a lot easier if you just put them down on paper.

Talk to your partner, tell them all about the things that bother you. When you relocate, they will be your biggest support.

Get Information About Your New Home

If you already visited the state you are going to, you know some of the aspects of living there. But it won’t hurt to gather more information.

Talk to your partner, ask them about local politics, sports, and cultural happenings. They will be able to help you gain additional knowledge about your future location.

Think About the Documents That You Need to Live Abroad

If you are wondering how to move to another country, have in mind that it comes with many steps. Some of them are related to administration.

Inform yourself about the documents you will need to move. Visa requirements vary depending on the state. Also, thinking in long terms, find out all about applying for citizenship.

Moving to Another Country for Love – Commit Yourself

Relocating to another country comes with challenges, and it is a big, possibly life-changing decision. So, make sure that you are dedicated to it. This will not be a long holiday or an adventure. This is your life. You will spend time in the city, meet people, and form friendships.

Talk with your significant other, make sure you are on the same page and that you are both committed to the relationship. While you are getting used to the unexplored area, your partner should be your biggest support.

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Don’t Lose Yourself

A particular culture, music, history, and people had a huge impact on your personal growth. When you move your life across the sea, you should try to keep some of your traditions alive.

Don’t get lost in the unfamiliar culture, foods, and customs. If your loved one is not an American, teach them something about the USA, prepare your favorite meal, and share it with them. Teach your significant other and friends some words in English, if they don’t already speak it. Surround yourself with new things, but keep a part of your heritage close to your heart.

Never Keep Score

Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect and compromise. So, keeping a score can only cause resentment.

If you are going to hold the fact that you moved against your partner, maybe you are not entirely sure about your decision to relocate. You did this for your relationship, but they made some other sacrifice, so the score will never be completely equal. But as long as you are communicating with each other, there shouldn’t be any scorekeeping and resentment.

Remember You Are a Team

Choosing to relocate should be a decision between your partner and you. If you are together during the whole process, it won’t seem so stressful. Your partner will be there to remind you why you decided to relocate, and having them as your support system in an unfamiliar community will only do you good. Whenever you are feeling stressed out, or doubting your decision, they can offer a safe harbor, reminding you about all the benefits of your choices.

Be Yourself

A new home gives you a chance to reinvent your life. You can have a new start when it comes to career choices, meeting people, learning a skill. If you think that the old home restrained you in some way, you can let your hair down and be a carefree version of yourself. Maybe you will feel the need to be friendlier, more adventurous than before. As long as you are true to yourself, everything is possible.

This Is Not a Vacation – Get a Job

You don’t want to be living off of your savings or be financed by your partner. The smart thing to do is to find a job.

You can start your search even before you leave the USA. Go online, read through articles, familiarize yourself with the job market, and try to apply for a few work positions.

While a trustworthy company is handling your relocation, you can secure yourself a work position that will allow you to pay bills, rent a place, and be a proper citizen.

Remember to Be a Couple

Relocation can put a strain on your relationship with your significant other. A long list of things to do might not leave you enough time for your partner. No matter how strange that sounds, make sure you schedule dates with your loved one. Interaction like that will keep you grounded. This way, you will be reminded who and what is waiting for you at the end of the long process of relocation.

Essential Questions – Living Together or Not?

You should think about your accommodation options before you move. If you lived with your partner at some point, you might want to continue that arrangement. But if you didn’t, then you should consider other options. Talk to your significant other, discuss other options like you renting a place for yourself, or maybe moving in with friends if you have any there.

Get in Touch with Other Expats

Your partner will be your support all through the process of relocation, but they probably don’t know what it’s like to pick up your whole life and transport it to unfamiliar territory. Find groups of expats that went through the same thing you did. Knowing their experience will make you feel less alone.

There will probably be clubs and gatherings of people that are not native-born citizens of your new state. Get in touch with them. You might even make a few friends along the way.

Love Is a Two-Way Street

This whole life-changing experience is not all about you. You should keep that in mind. Maybe you are the one packing your bags, but your partner will go through many changes, as well.

He or she probably feels the pressure of making sure that you are happy when you move. They will certainly be faced with questions such as – is it worth it? Will you be happy? Will you leave them?

Don’t forget to communicate, being self-absorbed can cause both of you to feel insecure, and you wouldn’t want that at the beginning of your shared adventure.



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