Moving in with Friends: All You Need to Know

Are you planning on moving in with friends? That is a great idea! Sharing your home with people you already know and are close with takes the experience to a whole new level. Just think about all the fun you could have living together. However, you should make sure you do it right. Plan every step of the way and communicate with your future flatmates – that is the only way to avoid any potential problems in the future.

The Benefits of Moving in With Friends

Relocating and living with a friend is an enriching experience everyone should go through. There are many benefits of having roommates, and especially of having your friends as roommates. Here are some of them.

A Support System at Home

Having a friend around all the time means that you have access to a 24/7 support system, no matter what you’re going through. Whether you’re relocating for college, for work, or for any other reason, this is a difficult task and having someone to hear you out and share advice surely can’t hurt. On top of that, this will be an opportunity for all of you to grow even closer and get to know each other even better. Who wouldn’t like that!

Splitting the Bills

Of course, the main reason why people have flatmates in the first place is the fact that they get to split the bills and save significant amounts of money. Living alone and having to pay rent, electricity, water, internet, and all the other bills yourself could prove to be quite expensive, especially if you’re a student.

Moving Help

As we’ve already mentioned, relocating is a difficult task. If you and your flatmates are all doing it around the same time – and into the same apartment – you could help each other out. Of course, it is always a good idea to hire professionals to provide you with relocation and packing services and the like. But if you decide to do it alone, an extra pair of hands can go a long way.

Splitting Chores

Living alone means you have to take care of your home all by yourself. This includes cleaning, cooking, vacuuming, tidying up, taking out the trash… The list is endless. With roommates, you get to split the chores. You will end up doing only a portion of what you would otherwise have to do alone.

You’ll Always Have a Friend to Talk To

Even if you are a loner at heart, we are sure you appreciate having some company every once in a while. Living with a friend means you’ll always have someone to talk to or hang out with. Of course, you will both need some alone time every once in a while, but the bottom line is – you’ll never be bored.

Sharing Things

Lastly, living with flatmates – and especially with people you trust and care about – means you get to share things. This can mean almost anything – from sharing kitchenware so you don’t have to get a separate set each, to sharing clothes or makeup. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to share the things you are not comfortable sharing. It is important to have clear boundaries.

Things to Discuss with Your New Roommates

Now that we’ve established what the numerous benefits of living with a friend are, it is time to learn how to do it properly. Here are some useful tips for the whole process, as well as for settling down once the relocation is over.

Good Communication

The basis for any friendship – and especially one where you live together – is open and honest communication. Failing to communicate can only bring problems and cause misunderstandings. So make sure you are all honest with each other from the very start, share your thoughts and voice your concerns.

Problem Solving

In line with good communication, the ability to solve problems without causing a fight is crucial for a successful life together. Remember, you should all team up to solve any problem that pops up, not work against each other and fight. Talk about every issue as it arises and do your best to come to a reasonable solution or compromise.

Daily Schedule

One of the most important things you should discuss with your flatmates are your daily schedules. When do you usually sleep? When will loud music be allowed? Will you be having meals together or separately? Try to synchronize your schedules the best you can, so that no one ends up having to sleep to the sound of a drum set coming from the other room.

Who Does the Chores

Another important point everyone should agree on is how to divide chores. For example, one person could do them one day, another one the following day, and so on. Alternatively, one person could be in charge of doing the dishes, while someone else could do the vacuuming. Regardless of how you decide to divide your chores, it is crucial that everyone sticks to the schedule and doesn’t slack off. Are there any chores you really like or don’t like doing? Let them know!

Guest Rules

You should also try to come to an agreement when it comes to guests. How often will each one of you be allowed to have guests over? Are sleepovers allowed, and if so, for how many nights? Will parties be allowed? If so, how much in advance should you notify everyone else of the party? Will the guests be allowed to eat the groceries that everyone buys or will the host need to buy food for them separately? Do your best to cover all the minutes so as to avoid any potential problems in the future.

Buying Groceries

Groceries are yet another thing you should discuss with your flatmates. Will there be any food items that you should simply buy together? If so, which items will those be? You should also establish a joint budget for these groceries. Decide how much money everyone should add to the budget and how often you will go grocery shopping. You should also agree on who goes to buy groceries. The best course of action would be to keep track of your eating and spending habits for a month before you figure out a plan.

Choose an Apartment Together

If possible and unless everyone agreed otherwise, you should all go apartment hunting together. This way no one will feel tricked out of their money if they move in and realize the place is not what they had hoped for. Write down the most important features you all think your new home should have and take it from there. Make sure you prioritize. For example, a certain number of rooms is a crucial factor, while the best view ever might not be as important.

Explore the City Together

Once you’ve moved in and unpacked your belongings, it is time to explore your new neighborhood or even the whole city. We suggest that you do it together at first – you will surely make memories you will look back at fondly in the future.

Find Popular Hangout Spots

To get fully immersed in your new community, make an effort to find out what the most popular places in the town are. For example, is there a bar everyone goes to after work? Or maybe there’s a park that most outdoor lovers visit. Knowing what these spots are might even help you meet new people you share some interests with.

Make Friends with Other People

Sure, the people you live with are people you care about a lot. However, you shouldn’t limit your social life to your home. Make an effort to meet new people, be it at work, in school, at the local library, or pretty much anywhere else. Sure, making a new friend as an adult seems like an insurmountable hurdle, but it isn’t impossible. And we’re sure you’ll stumble upon a few people who will remain in your life forever.

Enjoy the Experience

Yes, moving in with a friend is a long and tiring process that takes a lot of work, effort, planning, and heavy lifting. There will be hiccups, and there will be heated arguments. But much more importantly, there will be many beautiful moments for you to share and enjoy together. So make it your priority to kick back, relax, and take in the whole experience. You’ll get to live with some of the closest, dearest people to you – how awesome is that?!