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Is Moving in With Friends a Good Idea and How to Make It Work

Hannah Michaelson September 16, 2019
Posted September 16, 2019 In Moving Tips&Tricks,
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

Plenty of people decide to move in with one or more of their buddies after college. If you’re relocating to the same city, it makes sense, especially if it is somebody very close to you we’re talking about. Still, moving in with friends isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as one might think. There will undoubtedly be some obstacles along the way, which leads many to ask the question – is it bad to move in with friends?

Contrary to Popular Belief, Living With Your Friends Isn’t So Simple – Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Choose to Move in With Your Buddies

You’ve probably heard somewhere that living with a friend will either make or break the friendship, especially if you move abroad. Although sharing a home with the people you most love spending time with sounds like a dream come true, the reality isn’t so simple. A lot of friendships have been ruined because young people weren’t ready for such a challenge. If you add relocation stress to the equation, it is clear that things can go very wrong even from the beginning. But does it have to be that way?

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Is It a Good Idea to Move Into a House With Friends?

It’s a never-ending dilemma – is it a good idea to share a home with someone you know and love, or should you just risk it and move abroad alone? Don’t worry, we’ll help you solve this entangled issue in no time. The truth is that living abroad with your BFFs can be done – but it requires some preparation. All parties involved in sharing a place should be aware of what to expect and how to overcome obstacles that will occasionally arise.

So, before you begin with the relocation day preparations, ask yourself – what should I know before moving in with a friend? The list isn’t short, which is why we’ve decided to gather all the pros and cons for you to think about.

Pros of Sharing a Place With a Friend That You’ll Love

We all have buddies we love so much that we would even relocate across the world with. Imagine how amazing it would be to come home every day and get to hang out with your best friend – sounds like it’s worth handling every task from the relocating abroad checklist, right? Yes, it will be amazing indeed. Here are the essential pros you can expect to experience if you decide to share a home with your BFFs.

Emotional Support and Great Company Will Always Be Available

You’ll never be lonely, that’s for sure (plus, you won’t be in such a rush to find a new friend when you move abroad). Whenever you feel down, have a bad day, or are just nervous, your buddy will be there to cheer you up – and vice versa. It’s a great privilege to have this, especially if you reside in an expat community. Of course, your roomie won’t be there for the bad times only – you will get to share the best moments in life as well. Imagine all the parties you’ll have and chill nights when it’s just you and your best buddy hanging out!

You Don’t Have to Pretend to Be Someone You’re Not

When we live with someone we’re not especially close to, we have to keep our guard up, at least some of the time. You’re not entirely comfortable if your roommate is a stranger or an acquaintance, but when that person happens to be the best friend you have, everything is easier. There’s no reason for fake politeness and awkwardness while navigating everyday chores and getting around the house. Let’s be honest, those are the last things you need when accommodating to a new country and dealing with culture shock.

Saving Tons of Money on Rent and Utilities Is Awesome

Besides emotional reasons to move in with a friend, it is important to mention that there are plenty of practical benefits as well. The main one is, of course, the fact that you will share rent and utilities, thus saving money.

Any adult would agree that paying only part of the rent is often a life-saver, even if your residence is situated in one of the best cities in Europe and you have a great job. If nothing, lower rent means that you will be able to live a bit more comfortably than you would if you moved to another country alone.

You Won’t Have to Do All the Chores Like Those Who Live Alone

Let’s say you hate washing dishes, and your BFF hates vacuuming. When you live separately, you have no choice but to do those tedious chores on your own – but with sharing rent comes another fantastic benefit. Doing half of the chores will not only bring you joy but also save plenty of time that can be spent doing more interesting things, maybe learning a language, for example. Plus, when you actually clean your house, you’ll at least be able to talk to your bestie while doing that so that the work will be less tedious.

Avoiding Risks By Living With Someone You Know and Love

Even the most courageous of us can’t say they feel 100% comfortable when they have to move in with a roommate they’re not familiar with. Sure, the weirdness will go away eventually, but there’s still one major concern – it can be risky. You’ll want to do a thorough background check on that person, and even that isn’t a guarantee that this will turn out fine. So, relocating with a buddy will be not only fun but also a safe and efficient way to move.

Cons to Keep in Mind – Why Is Moving in With Friends a Bad Idea Sometimes?

Although understandably, you want to move in with a few of your best buddies, you must be prepared for the possibility that it won’t be such a dreamy experience. Reality can be harsh, and feelings can get hurt if everybody under the same roof isn’t ready to be mature and respect their roommates’ wishes and needs. So, what might put a strain on some of your strongest friendships?

You Might Miss Alone Time After Moving in With Your Buddies

When there’s another person in your space, it can be tough to get a few moments for yourself every now and then. Sure, you might not mind it in the beginning, but eventually, you might realize that you can’t hang out with your buddies 24/7, no matter how awesome they are. We all need to catch up with our thoughts occasionally, but that can turn out to be difficult when your space isn’t only yours. Will it be rude to tell your buddy that you want to be alone for a little while? This is some of the stuff to keep in mind before you move in – think about how you’ll handle this situation properly.

Learning About Your Roomies’ Habits Can Sometimes Be Really Weird

Before relocating overseas, you’ll think you’re aware of everything about your BFF. Still, the truth is that we can never really say that another person can’t surprise us – and this is something that you’ll be reminded of once you start to live overseas with your buddy. We all have strange, if not bad, habits that will come up to the surface when we’re residing with someone.

You will likely be annoyed at something your roomie does – maybe they’ll leave dishes in the sink for days or play too loud music. Of course, don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’ll be any better – there will undoubtedly be some habits that will drive your buddy crazy. However, no one’s to say that you can’t get through this with a bit of patience and open communication.

Some of Your Things Will Have to Go to Storage – There Might Not Be Enough Room for Everything You and Your Buddies Own

Once you move to one of the greatest places to reside abroad with your buddies, you will face a minor issue – not everybody’s belongings will fit into your home. So, what now? Well, it is evident that some items will have to go to the storage facility – which means you’ll have to hire trustworthy international relocation services. Be sure to pack your belongings carefully to prevent them from breaking (or hire reputable packers for a quality packing service – that’s easier).

If You End Up Loving This Living Arrangement, You’ll Be Sad When It Comes to an End

All great things must come to an end, and so will sharing a residence with your besties. You have to keep in mind that this probably won’t be a forever arrangement, even though it will most certainly be a fun and exciting one. But that’s life, right?

Moving in With Friends – Tips to Help You Avoid Awkward Situations and Petty Fights

Is there a way to avoid fights when you reside with someone? You will probably want to find a way to prevent awkwardness and misunderstandings and maturely resolve issues, right? Luckily, that can be done if all roommates learn to communicate better with one another. A few great tips can go a long way (just like you’ll need some great tips for learning another language). Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks that can help you improve your friendship and save yourself from pointless arguing.

  • Practice open and mindful communication.
  • Try to understand your roommate’s perspective.
  • Be an active and empathetic listener.
  • Talk about issues in person, not over messages. Chatting isn’t an adequate way to communicate your feelings and might lead to further misunderstandings.
  • When something bothers you, don’t wait long until you mention it – bring it up immediately, so you don’t build resentment towards your bestie.

There are so many communication tricks that can help in maintaining close friendships – you’d be surprised how much you can improve a relationship this way. If you wish to learn more on this topic, check out the video below.

Moving Abroad With Your Friends Will Be a Great Adventure But Keep in Mind That International Moving to a New City Requires High-Quality Relocation Services

Exciting times are ahead of you, that’s for sure. However, before you get to enjoy all the benefits of relocating to one of the world’s best places with (one of) your favorite humans, remember that you still have to organize your move – and that can be a challenge. Relocations are tricky even when you have to move a few streets, let alone to another country, but don’t sweat it – if you have a great international moving company by your side, everything will be fine. So, what are you waiting for? Book relocation services ahead of the move, and start packing for your big adventure.



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