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Challenges and Benefits of Moving Abroad Alone

Anastasia Hill November 3, 2021
Posted November 3, 2021 In Living Abroad,
Anastasia Hill

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Whether you are thinking about starting over or you’re just hungry for some adventure, moving abroad alone requires a lot of preparation and research. Like with any other big decision in life, relocating to another country by yourself has its pros and cons. Is this move a good choice for you? Read our guide and weigh down everything.

Are you preparing your documents needed to travel overseas and all the relevant relocation questions to ask the employer because you’re thinking of living overseas by yourself? Then it’s necessary to become familiar with everything you can expect. There are many potential ups and downs, but if you’re positive about the decision and you are well prepared, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Let’s see what the challenges and benefits of relocating across the world by yourself are.

Why Do People Decide on Moving Abroad Alone?

People who are figuring out how to live abroad alone could have many reasons for that. Some just want to experience life in one of the best places to live overseas, some are fulfilling their lifelong desire to live in a specific climate, while others just want to escape their current surroundings. Many people are deciding on doing this because they want a fresh start somewhere where nobody knows them, and they can become something they’ve never been.

Maybe you’ve realized that your quality of life will significantly increase if you relocate alone to another part of the world. Whatever might be your cause for this decision, keep in mind that it’s a brave choice and that it will change your life by 180 degrees.

You’ll Be Leaving Your Comfort Zone

It may be uncomfortable, but it’s an inevitable thing that will happen once you change the environment alone. This doesn’t mean you’ll be changing your identity or who you are as a person, but changing what you are used to and what was always the easiest solution. Trying something different is challenging but also beneficial, and it makes you grow in every sense. It will change your limits and make you a more experienced person.

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It’s Time to Become a DIY Person

While making your checklist for relocating overseas, think about how many things you can do without any help from others. Once you move, you’ll be the only one in charge of everything – from learning how to move overseas to cooking and folding laundry. You’ll get to plan every day and get the most out of it. Living overseas alone brings a lot of responsibilities, so be sure you know how to handle them all.

Always Be Ready for the Unexpected Scenarios

You are probably familiar with Murphy’s Law – if anything can go wrong, it will. You’d be surprised to hear what people experienced in their trips to foreign countries, but hey, they still made it out alive. What we’re trying to say is – no matter how well you planned everything, something can always go south.

It’s crucial to stay sane and to remember that you’ll manage to get out of it. Think of it as an event that you’ll be telling stories about in a few months. Embrace the uncertainty and relax. If the idea of not being fully prepared for every event causes you anxiety, try to leave that comfort zone behind and experience something new. Remember that you don’t have to hold all the strings at all times.

Be Sure You’re Financially Ready for a New Life

A crucial part of knowing how to live in another country is having enough savings to support yourself for the first period of your stay. Before you move, compare the costs of living you have right now to the ones you can expect in another country. You can do that online by using websites like Numbeo that show you the prices of almost everything in a certain location.

If your current costs are lower than the ones you are about to have, don’t leave without a big stash of money. On the other hand, if you are relocating somewhere with a cheaper cost of living, you can relax. Still, don’t get too comfortable because unexpected costs can appear anytime out of nowhere.

Do You Know How to Take Care of Your Finances by Yourself?

Learning how to move overseas also means becoming an expert at personal finances. If you don’t know how to do that, then the answer to the question Should I move abroad alone is, unfortunately, no. That is until you learn to budget. Living overseas without the ability to make a monthly plan of spending can only lead to bankruptcy, and you’ll have to return home.

In the video below, you can see some tips on how to take care of your money successfully, make some savings, and become financially stable.

You’ll Need to Find a Way to Adapt Fast

Getting adjusted is a challenge you’ll have to overcome, but luckily, there are many ways to do that. Start with breaking the language barrier and learning at least some basic phrases you can use every day. If you plan on international moving to one of the friendliest countries in the world, locals will gladly teach you some. Do your research before you move and be familiar with what you can expect. Knowing a bit more about the traditions and customs of your future neighbors will help you feel more comfortable around them, and you’ll soon feel like you were born there.

Expat Communities Are an Amazing Way to Fit in Quickly

One of the main answers to How can I move my country alone is by finding and contacting expat communities in the country you’re relocating to. There’s probably a group of people from your current country living overseas that welcomes everyone who’s relocating. Expats have already been through what you are about to experience, so you can hear more about what they have to say if you contact them. There are many expatriate websites like InterNations or Expat that you can use for getting more useful information such as tips for learning a new language, areas with cheap rents, what you can do in your free time, and so on.

It’s Best to Find a Job Before Relocating

Your preparation for relocation day isn’t complete without a work permit. You’ll need a job to support yourself financially since you’ll be alone. If you are wondering How can I move abroad with no job, there are several answers, but all of them include either having a lot of money and investing, or having a family member/marrying someone, which means that you won’t be alone. Check out the job opportunities before you move and start applying at least two months before your relocation date. That way, you can create a network and find employment opportunities much easier.

Moving Abroad Alone Opens New Opportunities for Employment, but It Can Also Be Hard to Find Work

Not all countries have a well-developed economy and lots of open positions that you’d like to work in. Also, some countries prefer to hire their citizens instead of foreigners. Before you move, find out what the situation is in the place you are going to and see if it is hard to find a job as an expat. It will be much easier to get employed if you are an expert in some field, or if your occupation is very rare and desirable in that location. Another important thing is that you’ll probably have to know the language well before you move, so keep that in mind.

Learning About New Cultures, Traditions, Cuisine, and People Is Always Beneficial for Your Life

Experiencing culture shock is inevitable, regardless of how far you are going from your hometown. However, that challenge is also a benefit since you’ll get to learn and experience so much. Tasting new food, meeting locals, learning about their culture and traditions will change you for the better and broaden your horizons.

You’ll Get to Do Things You’ve Never Done Before

Learning a language overseas won’t be the only thing that will occupy your free time. Foreign countries offer so many things to do, and many of them are probably something you’ve never experienced before. You’ll get to go out and explore the city, parks, attractions, and nearby places. Every country has its own charm, be it a local market where you can bargain or an amazing nightlife scene. Use every opportunity to meet your new homeland as well as you can, and you’ll surely fall in love with it.

Being Away from Home Can Be Very Stressful and Difficult

Your relationship with family and friends will inevitably change since you won’t be physically present. Aside from the relocation stress, you’ll experience a lot of questioning such as Is moving abroad selfish and you might get second thoughts about your decision. Not having your loved ones near is hard and feeling homesick is a normal thing. However, you can always keep in touch with friends and family online, visit them, or have them visit you.

Be Ready to Feel Lonely

Being happy when you are alone is probably one of the most valuable skills you can have for this adventure. This is especially true if you are relocating from one of the best cities in Europe for college students (or some other continent) where you were surrounded by people all the time. Prepare for the feeling of loneliness and remember that it will pass. Find ways to occupy yourself while you are still adapting to your surroundings and stay active. Having a hobby is very helpful, as well as working out and being outdoors. This will also be beneficial for meeting new people and making friends, so you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Organizing Your Move Can Be a Hassle Without an International Moving Company

Even with all of the best tips for moving abroad alone, you’re still stuck with a bunch of logistical work. Moving internationally is difficult even when you don’t have to take care of everything by yourself. Since you’re already packed with stuff that needs to be done, it would be ideal to have a team of experts to take care of the relocation process.

Consider hiring an overseas shipping company for international moving by air or by sea, and be sure that you are in good hands. You can get more useful services like overseas vehicle shipping and professional packing services with high-quality boxes and moving supplies. Reputable companies also offer a month of free storage unit in case you need it so that shipping overseas becomes even more effortless. Do yourself a favor and have experts take care of your overseas shipping.



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